Understanding Mequoda SEO Analytics

Discover how Harvard University uses analytics to gain Google visibility, increase website traffic and sell premium content

Google Analytics should be every online publisher’s best friend … but most don’t have a clue how to use it.

Mequoda Group, a leading consultant to online publishers including The Motley Fool, Consumer Reports, Crain Communications and International Data Group, will be sharing some of its secrets to SEO analytics at the SIPA 29th Annual Digital Publishing and Marketing Institute, Dec. 12-14 in Miami Beach.

In a special session, Mequoda will discuss its proprietary reporting system using a real world case study from the Project on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. This groundbreaking session is aimed at publishers, audience development directors, analysts and editors, who will leave the session with a thorough understanding of why Google Analytics is important to an online publishing business, where to get the data, how to do the actual analysis once you have the data, and what to do with those results.

Are you optimizing your content and marketing efforts, or are you just guessing? Do you know which metrics are critical to publishing success, and which ones to ignore? Are you doing everything you can to drive traffic and monetize your content, or are you leaving money on the table?

Don’t spend 2013 spinning your wheels. Learn the science of Google analytics from the masters, and jumpstart your year with more traffic – and revenue – than you ever thought possible!

You’ll learn how PON …

  • Earned 45 orders totaling $1,875 in two months from just one of their promotions, simply by targeting the right keywords
  • Achieved its second-highest organic search numbers in one month, just by adding one word to an article headline
  • Increased annual impression averages by about 47,000 in two months by identifying a highly-searched group of keywords

You’ll also see the exact reports and spreadsheets Mequoda uses in its proprietary SEO Analytics method to help PON achieve these results. This is eye-opening material, and you can only get it by attending the SIPA event next week!

Specialized Information Publishers Association event

SIPA’s annual Digital Publishing and Marketing Institute is a must-attend event for publishers, marketers, online managers, sales managers, and entrepreneurs. Doubled in size this year, it includes more than 40 experts – including Mequoda CEO Don Nicholas in three sessions – in tracks on digital publishing strategies, new product and revenues, and web design and technology.

In addition to Understanding Mequoda SEO Analytics, Mequoda will also present How to Plan, Execute and Analyze a Digital Subscription Campaign, and Marketing Website Design: Strategies for Maximizing Traffic, Revenue and Profit.

There will also be two completely new pre-conference sessions on Sales Management for Online Publishers and Social Media and Marketing. It all takes place at the incredible Loews Miami Beach Hotel, and we at Mequoda highly recommend it to all online publishers and their teams.


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