How ‘Washington Post’ Approaches Mobile Advertising

via Washington Post

via Washington Post

There is a lot that goes into mobile advertising. There are different ad types and different devices to cater to. What works for some audiences may not work for all, but glimpses of what works within the publishing arena is helpful to recognize.

Folio interviewed Jeff Burkett, the Senior Director for Sales, Operations and Product Strategy at Washington Post about the company’s approach to mobile advertising. Not only did he discuss the trends to watch, but mentioned how exciting it is to see opportunities with audiences. “The growth is extraordinary-at The Post, our tablet and smartphone audience has exploded– up 115% YOY in August 2014 according to ComScore– and the majority of our readers are consuming our content via those devices.”

As for the approach taken for mobile advertising, Burkett says, “All decisions should start with two big considerations: the user experience and the needs of buyers. Without the reader, there is no advertising, so the user experience must be top priority.”

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