5 Ways to Leverage Content to Build a Bigger Audience

How Guideposts has built website traffic, increased brand recognition and revenue by leveraging existing content

Online publishers have the valuable opportunity to leverage existing content to build website traffic and brand recognition while realizing new revenue streams.

Leveraging digital content through multiple channels is an effective way of spreading great content throughout the Internet.

As the Internet evolves, new opportunities for leveraging content have developed. Guideposts shared with us at our last Mequoda Summit how they have used the following five methods to build their audience and overall revenue.

5 ways to leverage digital content

Guideposts is a not-for-profit organization that publishes inspirational and uplifting content in the form of books, magazines and websites. Here are some techniques they use to appeal to a larger audience, build revenue and overall brand relevance to the online landscape.

Leveraging Digital Content Tip #1: Free E-Books – Guideposts gives away free E-Books to people who register on their website with an active email address. This tactic is designed for audience development with the goal of driving the acquisition of new print subscribers.

Leveraging Digital Content Tip #2: PDF Versions – Print issues of Guideposts magazine are available to purchase as PDF files and are the same price as print editions. Consumers can also create their own customizable PDF versions by selecting archived content and adding their own content. These custom PDF files can also be turned into physical products if the customer so desires.


Leveraging Digital Content Tip #3: E-Reader Apps – Enhancing your content by adding audio and video can help reach younger audiences. When doing so, keep the production costs in mind. It may be wise to start with a few enhanced E-Reader apps. Once sales increase, you can continue adding enhanced content to more stories.

Leveraging Digital Content Tip #4: Special Interest Publications – Guideposts creates this content by blending new and archived content by subject matter. They offer these book-a-zines through of all their channels: online, retail and direct sales. Since they have had such success in this department, they have decided to grow the program.

Leveraging Digital Content Tip #5: Social Media – Guideposts has been using Facebook as a main form of social media. They use this medium as a way of showcasing their articles and editors while giving readers the opportunity to share any content that they enjoy. As a publication sharing inspirational content, the social networking efforts have garnered a lot of community engagement.

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