11 Tips for More Conversions

Three types of conversions that will improve your online business

There are multiple conversion types that need to be addressed by digital publishers. The analysis will provide statistics on different parts of the online business, including engagement efforts, marketing efforts, and overall success in generating revenue.

For engagement, we can take a look at social media efforts. Today, social media is a nexus for engagement online, and can lead to more complex relationships, including turning social media subscribers into email subscriptions and buyers.

Are you building brand loyalty driving relevant traffic with your social media campaigns? Chris Horton provides five tips for using social media to increase website conversions in his recent article.

For marketing purposes, a large email database of active users is the starting point for sales. Since all live, unrestricted pages of your website are potential landing pages, you need them to be optimized with content and conversion architecture.

Three of our free reports (Million Dollar Landing Page Templates, Rapid Conversion Landing Page Guidelines, and Landing Page Handbook) include actionable tips for writing landing page copy and designing landing pages proven to convert. Case studies and free templates are offered in Million Dollar Landing Page Templates.

When it comes to generating revenue, the popularity behind mobile ecommerce cannot be ignored. A recent article on Mashable, written by Igor Faletski, details key metrics that retailers need to pay attention to while evaluation their mobile ecommerce strategy.

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