How Many Landing Pages Do You Have?

You may have more landing pages than you think

I was recently speaking to a friend about online publishing. He is a content producer and was curious about the options for organic marketing and search engine optimization.

After about ten minutes of conversing he began discussing his website. A very important lesson popped into my mind around this time.

He was talking about his landing page. Yes, “landing page” in singular form. I allowed him to finish his thought then chimed in.

Search engines have changed the Internet landscape. Every page of a website can and should be a landing page nowadays. It isn’t about just getting users to visit your homepage.

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I expressed the notion that all pages are landing pages, especially when they are optimized with keywords that align with a specific audience.

This is a concept people engaging in the online world often forget. However, allowing every page of a website to be a landing page will do a few things for you.

First, it gives you more areas to optimize with your keywords. Secondly, those areas can be more aligned with a single topic like “Landing Page Templates” or “Landing Page Optimization”. Lastly, realizing that all pages are landing pages brings in the potential of attracting more visitors.

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