Organic Landing Page Templates: The Glossary Index Landing Page

Glossary Index landing pages capture users’ interest with specific terminology

A landing page is the first page a user sees when entering your site, and a user can enter and “land” almost anywhere.  Therefore, every page on your website is a potential landing page, even the glossary index.

The glossary index landing page, as the name suggests, is a glossary on a website that lists dictionary-like definitions of words, phrases or concepts.

Glossary index landing pages attract traffic and include conversion architecture that urges users to subscribe or engage in some other transaction. These pages are most often associated with search engine optimization (SEO), but are also used for attracting any type of organic traffic.  Like the article landing page, the objective of the glossary index landing page is to capture the user’s specific interest and lead them to a transaction.

The Mequoda glossary page is set up dictionary-style.  Alphabetical listings of technical terms and unique phrases we’ve created along with a short description or definition.  We went one step further, though.  When you click on any Glossary word, you are taken to a unique page with a detailed description and usually a corresponding image or graph.  At the end of description you will find links to related posts where that glossary term is used.

Here is the glossary landing page for Mequoda Daily: Glossary Landing Page Glossary Landing Page

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Next, have a look at this exemplary glossary index landing page from Ceramic Arts Daily. The glossary index landing page features dozens of technical terms of interest to the ceramic artist, each of which links to a signup page for their free email newsletter.

Ceramic hobbyists will find a plethora of advisement, as well. There are prominent text links to additional ceramic topics, tips, tools, artists and supplies. Most of those pages begin with a large OFIE and feature links to rapid conversion landing pages or sales letter landing pages for paid products. Glossary Landing Page Glossary Landing Page


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