Give it Away to Make More Money? You Don’t Say!

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Why would you give away content for free, in order to make money? Sounds crazy, but that’s how the smartest publishers we know have grown at an exponential speed.

Selling magazine subscriptions and memberships is part of a four-step process that begins with giving away free content.

By giving away free content, like downloadable reports, you can build new relationships with casual visitors by collecting their email address and subscribing them to your email list. Over time, once they get samples of your content and are impressed by the quality of your product, they may subscribe.

However, reports aren’t the only “free” types of content you can give away. Our publishing partners generate about 20% of their new relationships from their metered paywall architecture and 30-day free trial offers.

By giving some content away, you can optimize your site for search more easily than if it were 100% behind a paywall. You can also promote it through social media.

We see that 20 to 40% of all new paid subscriptions are generated from visitors to the website who are arriving via search, social or direct URL. In most cases, direct buyers are familiar with the product and may even be email subscribers.

Nonetheless, your subscription website needs to be designed to make it easy for all types of visitors to become paid subscribers.

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Here are some additional tips you’ll find in the report:

  • If you align the content on an article page with the freebie being promoted, you can improve email capture rates dramatically. Promoting the wrong freebie on the wrong page is the biggest reason why so many businesses have low email capture rates.
  • If you want to make more sales through editorial emails, switch to a snippet-based format, and sandwich simple text ads in between each of your daily articles.
  • By creating search-optimized content on a daily basis, even if it’s re-optimized from your magazine archive, you can save yourself thousands of dollars on AdWords every month. Getting listed organically is free!

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