How Can You Improve Engagement as a Publisher?

In our webcast series, we cover What is the Mequoda Method? and What is ACEM?, which tackles the topics of A, attracting new visitors to your website, C, capturing email addresses, and M, monetizing your email list. E, engagement, is another crucial strategy in making money online as a publisher, which we focus on in this week’s webcast, How Can Engagement (E) Be Improved? 

The ‘E’ in the Mequoda Method’s ACEM is really about retention and the idea that, if you’re a subscription-based publisher, the relationship with your customer is critical.

It’s about your ability to spend money to bring new customers in and to make that money back and more over time. Engagement comes down to having killer content, and thankfully, all our clients are in the content business and have a tremendous advantage.

You have every brand in the world trying to figure out how they can be more like publishers. So publishers don’t look at what brands are doing, they look to one another and see how they’re leveraging that content through social media, email newsletters, and multiplatform magazine products.

Being good at engagement means you’re doing an excellent job of attracting the right people to your site and giving them the right kind of incentive so that they convert. We know that if they’re subscribing to our emails and then opening those emails and clicking through to the stories, we’re doing our job.

Do you want to learn more about how engagement impacts your bottom line, and how to improve and measure those numbers?

Watch our webcast, called How Can Engagement (E) Be Improved?


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