What Does An End To DPS Single Edition Mean For Digital Publishers?

via Mag+

via Mag+

In case you missed this news, Adobe recently announced that its Digital Publishing Suite will no longer include Single Edition. Those who currently have the service will be able to use it until May 1, 2015, when the service becomes unavailable.

How will digital publishers handle this change?

It seems Adobe is updating InDesign CC with a fixed layout EPUB feature. This will help the digital publishers creating documents in an e-book format, but there is still a need for the digital magazine editions that were being created with the help of Adobe DPS.

At Mequoda we use Mag+ to create digital magazines for our clients. Chief production officer Mike Haney of Mag+ discusses their business. “”Small business and single-issue clients remain a solid portion of the Mag+ customer base even though we do see in general a trend toward growth in enterprise apps. We also note that nearly 30 percent of single-issue clients end up publishing three or more apps.

We support the democratization of apps and do our best to support this segment.  For us, it only makes sense to give the people working in an industry where projects and jobs change rapidly an easy onramp to experimenting with our tools.”

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