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Tag: seo strategy

Are Linkless Mentions Important for Publishers?

Should you be trying to acquire linkless mentions?
You may have heard the phrase “linkless mentions” rolling around in social media and your email inbox over the last year or so. The concept is explained exactly as it sounds: a linkless mention, also called linkless attribution or an implied link, is the mention of your brand

Content Recycling: Staying Relevant and Dominating SEO

Content recycling—it’s all around us! At some point you’ve probably had dinner, maybe watched the news, and watched an early-evening episode of Big Bang Theory, or Two and a Half Men. Maybe it was on its normal station, maybe a different one, like TBS. Either way, this is just one way of experiencing content recycling, and TV watchers love it. They get to see their favorite TV shows more often, and even if they’ve already seen an episode, they watch anyway. Meanwhile, the TV station gets to produce ad revenue without going bankrupt attempting to produce a new TV show for every hour of the day.

Are You Spending Your Audience Development Time in the Right Places?

How to listen to the data from your audience development efforts and move forward

The inability to see the forest for the trees means that the detail of leaves, pinecones and the immensity of trunks and height will deter you from seeing the blanket of green on a mountain, and the patterns that might enable to you find

How to Save Money By Focusing on Evergreen Content

If you teach editors to write evergreen content, you’ll have a larger, more useful catalog down the road.
A friend of mine works at MIT developing interactive online courses, and one thing that hangs heavily on his brain is how to make them evergreen. Because when you work with a team of academics and researchers, content

The Best SEO Keyword Strategy – Picking SEO Keyword Fights You Can Win

All SEO keywords are not equally important—volume and competition matter!

The most effective SEO keyword strategy is to compete vigorously for top placement for the most popular keyword suggestions returned by the Google Keyword Planner for a given root keyword phrase.

How to Create Evergreen Content From Deciduous Content and Save Your Reputation

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and your evergreen content will be there. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We’ve talked about evergreen content and it’s antithesis, deciduous content, like news, or the process of newsjacking. Like a pine tree, evergreen content is alive and well all the time. And unlike a lilac, it blooms all year round.
Here’s how this applies to your content. If you are writing an article and “Mashed Potato Recipes” is your keyword, you could easily downgrade it to a petal-dropping deciduous post by calling it 10 Mashed Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving. But why would you want to do that? Your post,which could have been relevant all year round, has now been pigeonholed mostly to the month on November.

What is Evergreen Content? (And How Are Publishers Are Using It?)

The term evergreen is quite literal when it comes to botany, when it’s referring to any plant that stays green all year long, in any climate. Forever. It’s ever green.

Conifers, like pine trees, are evergreen. No matter whether it’s snowing, or if you’re in the middle of a four year drought, the needles on a pine tree stay green. Most trees in the rainforest are considered evergreen trees too, because even though they shed leaves, they do it slowly, and the tree is always full of new growth in it’s place.

Transcribe Audio to Text: Software and Ideas for Bonus SEO Points

Software and apps for transcribing webinar and interview audio files to text

Audio transcription for your videos is a SEO strategy that is still not implemented enough today. We know that YouTube already conducts transcription of videos, but it’s unclear on how much of the audio transcription is used to index videos on the web. I’d be willing to bet that in the future, audio that is converted to text will be indexed the same as articles are today.

Just imagine a future where we are speaking our keywords in our videos. This could lead to some really funny (but awkward) videos; Just like the overly-SEO’d posts you can find on the web now.

E-Commerce Comes to AllYou

Publishers truly enter the digital age when they offer ecommerce options in their print publications. AllYou, a member of Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Group, has recently done just that by including mobile activations in its print magazine.

Our Top 10 Content Marketing Strategy Posts

This week, as we pack our bags for Boston and get ready to mingle with publishing professionals at the Mequoda Intensive, we decided to take some time out to share our top posts. The content marketing strategy posts below feature our most popular tips on business strategy, SEO, marketing, copywriting, PR and hiring. They have been viewed more than any other content marketing and business strategy posts on our website. If you have any favorites, please let us know in the comments!

How BLR Recycles Content on Many B2B Platforms

Mequoda has worked with many publishers over the past 10 years. If I were to describe the “average” Mequoda client, it would be a small to medium, independent publisher with one or more titles in narrow consumer or enthusiast niches. Yes, we have worked with huge multinational publishers as well as single-title startups. And, we have also worked with a number of traditional B2B publishers as well.

Tracking Primary Keyword Phrases with Three Uniquely Different Tools

Your primary keyword phrases, also known as keyword clusters, are typically based on your most broad keyword phrases. These keywords are usually topics or main categories on your website.

Guides, Blogging & Social Media – the Three Top SEO Strategies

The recent SEOMoz 2012 SEO Industry Survey showed that most SEO professionals spend most of their time creating articles/guides, posting blogs and maximizing social media efforts. White papers were pretty low on the totem pole, but Mequoda publishers are usually a step ahead anyway—we live and breathe the numbers behind every successful white paper SEO campaign.

Driving Conversions with Written Content

Have your words work for you, even when you’re not working

SEO is my favorite audience development strategy for two main reasons.

First, when you take the time to focus on your SEO strategy, and you pay close attention to the right keyword phrases, you are targeting the best possible audience members.

The Social Media Kick Your SEO Campaigns Need

Why social media should be a part of all your SEO campaigns

Ten years ago, you could have launched a new product and gotten straight to work with direct mail and TV commercials.

In 2011, our world is much faster and gives us the resources available at our fingertips that allow us to start promoting right away. If you read our free SEO Campaign Management white paper, you’d have learned these seven important steps:

Do You Know How Valuable Your Search Ranking Is?

New data shows the click value of high-ranking keywords

Do you rank high in search results for specific keywords?

If so, your SEO strategy must be working well.

However, do you know the actual value of those high-ranking search positions? A recent study

4 SEO Modules for Generating More Traffic

Learn all beneficial uses for SEO; a fundamental skill

Being able to write for search engines opens a new world for online editors, content creators and publishers.

It is also a necessary skill-set to have within every online business in 2011.

Announcing the Mequoda SEO Workshop 2011…

The Five Stages of SEO Denial

How to Get Targeted Website Traffic with a Keyword Strategy – and Like It!

Whenever you get together with a group of editors from several different publications, you’ll always find yourself with a mixed bag of professionals who either love or hate search engine optimization.

In general, the editors who love SEO are the ones who have seen the results. These editors don’t just believe in SEO, but they’re excited about it. I group myself into these kinds of people and often refer to myself as an “SEO junkie”.

Charlie Sheen can have his seven-gram rocks, I’ll have my keyword research.

Build a Bigger Audience with White Hat SEO Campaign Management

Learn white hat SEO strategies for ranking higher in search engines during our SEO Campaign Management session at the Summit

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I talked about a rare chance to see inside one of the most successful SEO campaign management operations on the planet that includes hard data, which has now been gathered over a two and a half year period.

When it comes to SEO campaign management, theory is great but skill-building activities are priceless.

Overlooked Ways of Promoting Your Freemiums During an SEO Campaign

Experience SEO Campaign Management 2011 live today and learn how to create, execute and track campaign results

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed five main ways to promote your freemiums.

Following the tips we outlined will help you increase website traffic and build your email marketing lists – two actions necessary for online business growth.

SEO Campaign Management 2011

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to increase visibility, email conversions and revenue with search engine optimized content.

The Best SEO Keyword Strategy for SEO Campaign Management

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses SEO campaign management components including link building and ways of gaining landing page visibility

(Nationwide)—The best SEO keyword strategy for SEO campaign management is not necessarily about picking the most popular SEO keywords. If an SEO keyword strategy targets only highly popular and competitive terms, the odds of SEO success are minimal.

Instead, it’s important to aim for smaller targets; ones that that can be won and owned by a publisher.

Audio Podcast Containing Search Engine Optimization Tips Released

Discover information on SEO copywriting and SEO campaign management in this new podcast from Mequoda Group

Download your free digital copy of Search Engine Optimization Tips now

I’m sure search engine optimization is not new subject matter to the online publishers and Internet marketers reading this post. The world of SEO is extremely important to those trying to get on page-one in Google.

The best SEO strategy focuses on SEO copywriting, SEO campaign management and link building. Paying attention to these aspects of an SEO strategy will help your website gain more visibility. More visibility means more traffic, a larger email marketing lists of converted users and the possibility to generate more revenue.

SEO Campaign Management Webinar tomorrow!

A higher website ranking and conversion rate are virtually guaranteed when you learn the secrets of using free reports to build email circulation.

Get Trained on SEO Campaign Management!

SEO experts tell all about using free reports to build email circulation

TripAdvisor is #1 on our List of Top Travel Sites

How builds brand loyalty by interacting with their community

Conquer the New SEO Challenge

Google’s new search system dramatically increases the competition for page rankings.

Just when your SEO strategy was polished and humming along, Google releases a press release.

Google announced last week that it is starting “Universal Search”, a more comprehensive form of search that could push your page rankings down if you’re not diligent.

Searches in Google’s default “Web” section will soon include results from Google’s news, books, video and maps databases mixed with the webpage results.

The Mequoda SEO Process

Every good wordsmith approaches the task of writing a little differently. Some writers start with an outline or by making copious notes. Others write numerous disparate paragraphs at non-stop speed and then revisit their first draft, cutting and pasting to arrange them in a “logical” order. Still others agonize over the lead or headline and feel compelled to get them perfect before they can write a single second sentence.