Overlooked Ways of Promoting Your Freemiums During an SEO Campaign

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In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed five main ways to promote your freemiums.

Following the tips we outlined will help you increase website traffic and build your email marketing lists – two actions necessary for online business growth.

Yesterday’s tips for freemium promotion during an SEO campaign were perhaps the most beneficial ways to achieve more acknowledgements of your free products. They weren’t the only ways to promote your freemiums though.

5 additional methods for promoting freemiums

If you’re looking for other promotional ways to generate new audience members, try these strategies.

#1 – Tags: Add links on your tag pages that direct users to the related freemium.

#2 – 3rd Party Sites: Do you have close relationships with news outlets or retailers that reside in your industry? If so, pitch them on coverage for your freemium. An article post on their blog would help, or you could propose doing an email exchange where they’d email their list promoting for your freemium, and you could do the same for them.

#3 – Print ads: This one may not be relevant to all online publishers, but if you can afford it and know of an ideal publication to place a print ad, it could be worth your effort. If your company publishes print magazines, placing print ads for related freemiums is always a good idea.

#4 – Bottom ads: If you have space at the bottom of your website, place an advertisement there. We do it at the Mequoda Daily for our featured products. This way, when users finish reading an article, they will be presented with the ad.

#5 – Repromotion: Don’t hesitate to repost or repromote your freemiums through your blog or social networking efforts. Change up the wording of the headline and body copy when doing so.

None of these methods are too time consuming, and can lead to an excess of new registered members.


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