Creating Good Blog Names is as Simple as Picking the Best Keyword Phrase

Best blog names contain a keyword phrase

One of the huge advantages of creating a new portal brand is having the chance to pick the name with SEO in mind.

This is our absolute favorite strategy for naming blogs and portals. In this principle strategy for choosing the best blog name, we take your uber phrase and put the word “daily” behind it.

To begin, we use the Google Keyword Tool and research your uber phrase search volume. An uber phrase is a single phrase associated with your content that generates the most traffic per year. The uber phrase must be endemic to your topic.

We recommend putting “daily” in the name of a blog or portal because it signifies a high frequency environment of contact. Using the word “daily” helps publishers avoid using an in depth disclaimers about update schedules. There’s no better word than “daily” to describe the Mequoda strategy.

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How our technique worked for Beading Daily

One of our favorite case studies to share focuses on Beading Daily, one of the many portals we helped name. For Beading Daily, you wouldn’t pick jewelry.

We initially puledl keyword research on Beading Daily, and noticed the KCI wasn’t favorable. There was a lot of competition, but the word “beading” was endemic to the audience and the word had significant search traffic. If you were to look up “beading” up in the Google Keyword Tool today, it would have 12,100 global monthly exact searches.

When Beading Daily first launched, it was not at the top of Google search for its uber phrase. Sometimes organic marketing takes patience, but with the help of SEO campaigns and traffic driving techniques, it has gained ground. If you search “beading” now, you’ll find Beading Daily holding strong at position three.

Are you building a blog or portal?

Blogs and portals are typically wide open to search engines.

Publishers build them to drive traffic and sell products. The difference between the two is that a single author writes for a blog, while portals have multiple authors who draw content from multiple sources.

Good blog names come with research and practice

We wish we could tell you we recognized this strategy in the ’90s. Tech Republic, the first website we helped build, didn’t take advantage of this process. As we moved into the 21st century and understood the implication of search, it became easy to learn what to name your blog or portal.

Since that time, we’ve done this dozens of times correctly. It often takes a few years to get the page one rank on your uber phrase, depending on the competition that exists on that phrase.

If you’re in the process of choosing the best name for your blog or portal, realize that you only have one chance per website to get it right. If you’re looking for additional tips, join us for our Internet Marketing Intensive, which focuses on the entire process of organic audience development.


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