Do You Understand this Billion-Dollar Asset?

The Audience Development Summit 2012 shares the most profitable strategies for developing an online audience

The success of online businesses relies on the billion-dollar asset: online audiences.

Ecommerce and online advertising generates billions of dollars each year through online audiences. Without these audiences there wouldn’t be a need to produce content for multiple platforms, create engaging ads, and open digital storefronts.

The real challenge that publishers and online business owners struggle with is how to actually build these audiences. How does an organization harness the power of the Internet and its users by creating a hub, marketplace, or communal space where content is produced, shared, and purchased?

The answers lie in the fabric of online interaction. People use social media, search engines, and email to stay connected to what matters the most to them. These are the same areas publishers need to focus on.

Join an experienced group of publishers, marketers, and audience development professionals sharing top strategies for building audiences at the Audience Development Summit 2012.

Creating audiences with landing pages

Landing pages are the start to building profitable relationships. When optimized properly, every page of your website is an opportunity to turn visitors into subscribers and subscribers into paying customers.

The first step in getting landing pages to work for you involves testing. How well do your landing pages generate leads? Have you tested them to determine this answer? The unfortunate reality many of us face is a lack of landing page testing. We get caught up with other projects, don’t have the staff resources, or don’t understand the process of testing and optimizing landing pages.

If you fit the description of a publisher who needs to test landing pages but hasn’t, you’re not alone. Honestly, 70-80 percent of online business owners don’t test their landing pages enough. Is it time for a change? Do you want to learn the best tests for optimization?

The Audience Development Summit 2012 offers an entire session on what to test and how to perform the tests. Leading the session will be an experienced panel of testers who will provide case studies to show exactly what results their tests yield. In all instances, testing has resulted in better conversion and response rates.

Furthering relationships through email

After your landing pages are optimized, you’ll be turning more casual visitors into email subscribers. This is where real opportunity awaits.

As a diverse, multi-faceted marketing channel, email stands as one of the best direct revenue generators. Not only does it keep your audience engaged with your content, it allows for the sale of aligned products and events.

Testing email templates and strategies is another activity worth investing in. Proper email optimization can open your eyes to new possibilities. For instance, are you offering sponsorships of your email campaigns? A sponsor-supported email newsletter can be a profitable revenue generator while being admired by your audience.

The Email Newsletter Marketing session at the Audience Development Summit 2012 includes a case study on which actions worked the best for building an email file. The results from this session will surprise a lot of attendees. It will serve as guidance for everyone else, providing tips for a better email acquisition strategy.

The time to build a robust audience is here

With all the noise and competition that exists online, publishers and online business owners need to actively build an online audience. Without a comprehensive strategy, you’ll fall short of your goals.

Discover how to optimize and test landing pages and email templates when you attend the Audience Development Summit 2012 . The information you’ll receive will prepare you to build and maintain meaningful relationships with target audience members.

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