Last Chance to Learn Web Video Production and Strategies

Register now for our Web Video 101 for Publishers and discover how to launch and refine a web video strategy

Do you remember the first viral video you saw?

According to New Image Media, “viral videos are largely known for being hundreds of times more effective than traditional advertising and being one of the most effective mediums of web video marketing.”

Viral videos cannot be created without some forethought, and the understanding of a clear web video strategy.

That’s where our Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar comes in.

During this 90-minute live webinar, you will discover a wealth of knowledge valuable to content publishers in 2011 and beyond. Below is a list of 12 major reasons why you should attend our Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar on August 23rd at 12:30 pm ET.

-Expert advice on developing a web video strategy

-How to use your web video strategy to boost website traffic and increase conversions

-The types of web videos that publishing companies are using successfully

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-How to leverage blog posts to develop web videos

-How to create videos people want to watch

-How to direct people in videos and three steps that should be used in every video

-How to SEO your YouTube videos

-Tools for getting your videos indexed by Google

-Reasons for using YouTube Annotations & Insights

-How to increase video views, brand awareness and web traffic

-The kinds of video equipment you should buy that will not break the bank

-How to use your iPhone for recording high-quality video content

Whatever your video goals are – from developing an in-house studio for daily videos or having the knowledge to shoot videos on the go with your iPhone – this webinar will provide you with all the required information.

Register now for Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar and experience a whole new world of video production and marketing that will greatly increase audience engagement through the most popular form of new media out today.


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