SEO Campaign Management Basics and the New Google

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The new Google, once referred to as Caffeine, has definite advantages for content marketers and SEO campaign managers.

And in many cases, the results can be seen immediately.

For instance, earlier this week we published an article discussing components of rapid conversion landing pages for SEO campaign management. Quickly after the article published, our homepage with that article on it had the first rank in Google for the term SEO campaign management.

The new Google is capable of finding and ranking web pages much quicker than before. Especially when the content is optimized with keywords.

Now, we don’t expect that page-one ranking to remain there. After all, it is an article post that does not have nearly as much power as the RCLP associated with our free report on SEO campaign management.

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Theorizing on what we’ve seen recently, we believe that page will rank for a day or two, and then our RCLP will hold rank, a few places down the page. This is what we’ve monitored last week with this same term.

Due to this, we believe the new Google is even more focused on search engine optimized content. Google is finding the most up-to-date, keyword-rich content and putting it towards the top of the search results if, from what we’ve observed, it’s from a credible source that has some similarly-ranked content.

What does this mean for online publishers? It may mean SEO is even more important than before and if so, our free SEO Campaign Management Basics will help reiterate the process of executing a successful SEO campaign.

Look at it like this: If you write a keyword-rich article on a term that receives 3,000 searches a month and your article gets placed atop the Google search for a day, that could potentially be 100 new people learning about your brand and the content you provide. Those same people may become email subscribers and paying customers.

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