Successful Keyword Research Details Supply and Demand

Not all keywords are created equally – learn techniques for keyword research and content production efficiency

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed what the Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) is and how it can be used to determine a few valuable pieces of data.

First, the KCI helps you determine the competition on your keyword phrases. Second, it helps you spend your time, and your staff’s time, in the most efficient manner.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine being a successful online editor without understanding how to do keyword research to find relevant information like the KCI. Without these strategies, you’re just guessing at what your audience is searching, and although some of your hunches may be correct, the majority of them are likely wrong. Or you are missing out on hundreds, maybe even thousands of relevant keywords.

As the title of this article mentions, keyword research shows supply and demand associated with your keywords. Properly performing keyword research shows you the supply of content surrounding keywords while presenting the numbers of audience members who desire the information.

If you have educational, informative and entertaining content, keyword research will help you target your core audience through SEO blogging and organic search engine optimized campaigns and content marketing strategies.

And if you really think about it, keyword research is the first step to developing a successful website. Without it, you won’t be able to develop your site architecture with pertinent keywords, and you couldn’t develop products and freemiums with those keywords in mind.

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Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011

If you are the owner of a content-based website, or your job is to create content, market or manage a content-based website, keyword research needs to be a central part of your online business strategy.

If you do not understand and employ keyword research strategies to your everyday jobs, your value within the digital landscape will likely decline, due to the relevance it has for online businesses.

During our Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 webinar, which will air live on July 12th at 12:30pm ET, you will learn five modules for an all-encompassing strategy to keyword research.

These modules will teach you how to:

-Track your core audience’s search behavior

-Gain an advantage over your competition

-Explore your keyword universe

-Research keyword popularity

-Organize your keyword research

-Track your results

Beyond these step-by-step modules, you will discover tools for making your job easier and keyword strategies for product sales and sponsorships. All of this data will be taught through a case study example to provide results compiled through the actual process of keyword research and reporting.

If keyword research is new to you, or if your keyword strategy is lacking, join us on July 12th for a 90-minute program proven to help media companies build their visibility within search engines. Doing so has led to bigger target audiences, more converted members and higher revenues for online publishers.

Register for Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 now or join Mequoda Pro and be able to attend this webinar, all live webinars for a year and get on-demand access to our digital archive or past webinars. Mequoda Pro affords you the opportunity to watch over 55 educational webinars, all of which provide actionable tips for improving your online business.


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