The Relevancy of Google

From audience development with search engine optimization, to email marketing and social media, Google displays relevancy

Getting found online is important. Fortunately, search engines have made the process much easier. And according to the Pew Research Center, more people are satisfied with search engines than ever before.

Out of all the options, 83% of respondents cited Google as their preferred search engine.

With all the changes that Google constantly makes, sometimes quietly, there is a need to refresh your knowledge of search engine optimization. This includes understanding the external signals that Google deems relevant.

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Many of the digital content marketing activities being used by online marketers, online editors, and audience development professionals utilize Google in some manner; All of which, will be discussed at next week’s Mequoda Summit West 2012. In particular, you will learn:

-Essential information on six main aspects of search engine optimization.

-How social media can impact Google search results, and the strategies for optimizing your social media efforts.

-Ways of leveraging Google to build you email file.

-New methods for partnering with Google to develop new revenue streams.

Google’s relevancy continues to grow for multiplatform publishers. Receive an encompassing glimpse into today’s Google, and discover how digital magazine publishers are building their brand online, when you join us next week in Lakewood, CO.


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