Using Email to Encourage Consumer Spending

Which products sell the best?

This is a question that email marketers ask themselves often. The answer profoundly defines what the focus of alignment should be in future email marketing campaigns.

The question above brings two further notions: First, not all products are created equal, nor do they all deserve the same amount of promotion. Second, you need to be prepared to sell your products when an audience is ready to buy.

Some of the products you offer currently –the ones receiving placements in your email newsletters than are underperforming – may not be aligned with your email marketing lists. The goal of encouraging consumer spending is reached when email marketers look at their most successful products and build that niche and expand upon the content.

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Perhaps a re-release of a free report and the launch of an SEO campaign for it will boost email subscribers ready to spend on the related product; making your already successful product even more valuable.

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