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Why You Should Refine Your Web Video Strategy

These focal points will help you execute the most beneficial web video strategy

I don’t want to alarm online publishers or content marketers who aren’t utilizing video content…but it’s worth mentioning that incorporating a web video strategy may have major impacts for your business.

It may seem intimidating, but refining a web video strategy isn’t as hard as it may first appear.

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed five best practices for putting your video content onto YouTube, the world’s second most popular search engine, which just so happens to be solely focused on video content. Imagine that…a search engine solely dedicated to video content is the second most popular in the world. The most popular search engine is Google, which owns YouTube and openly adds video content from YouTube into its normal search results. That notion in itself is a good enough reason to start offering video content to the online community.

A second reason lies in the popularity behind emerging technologies. Recent data from GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research reported that tablet ads are more interactive, attention-grabbing and engaging than both eReader ads and print ads in magazines. Tablet owners reporting watching videos associated with the ads, accessing websites associated with the content and viewing multiple pages.

Tablets can utilize video advertisements, educational videos and entertainment videos. Incorporating videos onto websites and bringing them to audiences through tablets can lead to more content consumption and the likelihood of creating more engagement and interaction.

How to refine your web video strategy

To begin, consider what types of video types you will create. Will it be video advertisements or sales letter content? Will you create entertaining videos that can be shared on social networks? What about how-to videos?

For more suggestions, take a look at some other video types online business are using in their web video strategy.

Then, figure out where to place our video content. YouTube is an obvious location. Will you also place them on your website and within content that is viewed on tablets? Social networks are another great place to distribute video content.

After you have an idea what your videos will be about and where you can house them, it’s important to figure out what video equipment you can afford within your budget.

There are plenty of options, depending on what you can spend. I personally own the Kodac Zi8 and love it. The video camera is portable, shoots in HD and can utilize an external microphone for better audio quality. Remember, even if you are shooting high-quality video, clear audio is a necessary. Audiences are not very excited about poor audio quality.

Finally, you need to familiarize yourself with best practices that video producers are using online to increase website traffic and conversions.

Web Video 101 for Publishers

If you are not a video producer already marketing video content successfully, then you need to join us on August 23rd for our Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar.

Patrick Hughes, Mequoda Group’s New Media Producer will be the featured speaker during this live 90-minute webinar. Patrick is a professional video producer by trade and has extensive marketing skills.

This presentation was given live during the last Mequoda Summit and received rave reviews.

During the webinar, all aspects that need to be addressed while refining your web video strategy will be discussed. You will learn more about video types online businesses are using, best practices for creating and marketing videos and suggestions on the best equipment for your budget.

Register now for Web Video 101 for Publishers and discover how to produce, publish and market online videos.

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