5 Essentials for Digital Magazine Publishing Success

Digital magazine publishing tips from around the web

If you’ve already worked out the formatting, design and content structure of your digital magazine publishing efforts, then it’s time to consider some aligned essentials. Digital magazine publishing success relies on having great content and finding the most devoted audience members.

The following five digital magazine publishing essentials focus on ways to promote your content throughout digital platforms, and how to educate your audience about the digital magazines you offer.

Digital magazine publishing essentials

Digital magazine publishing essential #1: Social media – Social media has been used to maintain relationships with audience members and inspire the sharing of content through audience members’ networks. At a recent MPA Conference, Jeanniey Mullen, global evp and cmo of Zinio, expressed the importance of using social media to maintain a customer base.

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Digital magazine publishing essential #2: Don’t annoy readers with ads – It’s fair to offer advertising that is relevant and unobtrusive in the content consumption process. However, if your ads are annoying to readers, you should reconsider them. Forbes Media managing editor Bruce Upbin referred to annoying ads as “the iPad equivalent of a robo-call” in this article.

Digital magazine publishing essential #3: Explain platform usage – Since digital magazine publishing options are new to many consumers (and potential consumers), you should be clear about options. You want your audience to quickly realize if you the method they prefer. This article mentions three publishers that adequately inform their audiences, in case you want to see how they are doing it.

Digital magazine publishing essential #4: Retail partners – Spreading your content around the digital environment is a helpful tactic. Utilizing retail stores from Apple, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, etc. can lead to more exposure as people are seeking content throughout these locations.

Digital magazine publishing essential #5: Website content – Sharing the news of your content and affording the opportunity to buy directly from your website is another suggestion. You should also create an affiliate program with Apple on your website so you can get a higher remit (This article explains the process for you). And of course, a subscription website is a very valuable asset for digital magazine publishers.

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