When Users Expect to Pay, Are You Ready to Sell?

Mequoda System Strategy Workshop discusses why Google AdWords should be in your traffic mix

We don’t always talk about this directly, but it’s important to bring people to your website who are ready to buy.

For any publisher with a store, AdWords will almost always be a positive part of the mix for selling aligned products like books, online courses and DVDs.

To see if AdWords is right for you, select some keywords related to your products. For our fictitious Flora Daily case study, we publish content related to tulips, azaleas, roses and more. We also have books and DVDs about growing these types of flowers. So, to confirm AdWords would make sense for us, we’d research the Google Keyword Tool to see if anyone was searching for premium information products related to our topics, like “azalea books” or “rose growing course” or “tulip DVD”. This way, we are identifying individuals who are searching for information in a premium format and expecting to pay for it.

Using paid media to drive traffic into an online store is key to a well-rounded strategy and this is why we’ve added it to our Mequoda System Strategy Workshop at the Mequoda Summit East 2011.

AdWords, banner campaigns, affiliate networks and retailer networks will all be discussed within the 49 steps for successfully starting and running an online business.

In the Mequoda System Strategy Workshop you’ll discover how to take products to other retailers for increased revenue opportunities. Exposing your product offerings in additional avenues allows a greater chance at getting more people to discover you, go to your store, buy your products and get in your database.

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How targeting products and driving traffic to stores leads to sales

Google fundamentally knows the difference between an information search and a product search. Someone conducting an information-based search will see a different set of organic results than when conducting a retail-based search. This is the case for most consumers looking to buy a specific format type – book, video, DVD, magazine, etc.

When they are using product names or types in the search query, they are typically looking to buy.

We’re often guilty as charged in spending 80-90 percent of our website efforts getting users to download free reports and convert to email subscribers.

Yet, an important component, which can lead to 20% or more of revenue, should be targeting a direct impulse buyer looking to make a transaction.

If you have an online store, you should consider going after people who are ready to buy. At the Mequoda Summit East 2011, we will talk about using paid sources and directly targeting impulse buyers with the 49 steps of our Mequoda System Strategy Workshop.


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