Creating Engagement and Sharing Your Content

5 actions for creating engagement discussed at Bootcamp

Online publishers and content marketers are taking numerous strides to share their engaging content.

A few of these will be discussed during our Digital Publishing Bootcamp in New York City, July 17-19. This one-day intensive is designed to help online publishers and content marketers start, run and prioritize their digital transformation.

The five aspects of engagement that will be covered at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp include:

-Hiring your content marketing specialist. Without the proper person running your content-based community, you’ll have trouble exposing the passion your audience has.

-Setting up your Facebook program.

-Setting up your Twitter program.

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-Launching and tracking SEO campaigns. An SEO campaign is inherently designed to reach your target audience through search engine optimization practices and promotions.

-Choosing your image service. Articles with images included in them help keep users on the page longer.

If you want to learn about these activities for creating engagement with your audience, join us for the Digital Publishing Bootcamp.


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