Strategy Spotlight with Don: Did You Forget the First Step for Increasing Profits?

If there were just three things you could do today to increase your audience, revenue, and profits, what would they be?

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda shares a strategy for each.

It’s a sneak peek at a session titled 37 Proven Ways to Build your Internet Audience, Revenue and Profits from our upcoming Digital Revenue Summit. This event is held in Boston, in just two weeks. I hope we’ll see you there. Register now.

nl-donQuick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don

Want to know a secret? The smartest people I know in publishing don’t try to increase their audience or their revenue or their profits. That’s because you need to tackle them in order, together, not separately. Increasing your audience leads to increased revenue, which leads to increased profits. They aren’t all separate objectives, and if you try to make them that way, that’s where you’ll end up working harder, not smarter.

So my tip today isn’t how to increase your audience, or how to increase your revenue, and not even directly how to increase your profits. Instead let’s focus on how one funnel feeds the next.

Increase your audience

By increasing your audience, you are putting your brand, magazine, and products in front of more people. If you focus 100% of your time and effort on audience development, you will increase revenues by default.

Tip: If the two single things you do to increase your audience include writing search-optimized website portal posts daily and building an email list by giving away a free eBook, then you’re on the path to success. Remember, building an audience comes first in this syntax.

Increase your revenue

Once you are in front of a larger audience, you’ll improve your revenues through more timely communications. Trying to turn every one-shot visitor into an immediate buyer will give you dismal conversion rates. That’s why giving away a free product in order to build an email list is a more reliable way to improve revenues. Once you engage and build a relationship with visitors over a period of time through email, you can begin to ask them to spend money with you.

Tip: Stay in contact with your email list regularly. A daily email newsletter that shares the most recently published content on your free Portal is the best way to keep people engaged and on your list. You can include product promotions in editorial email newsletters, and segment your list to send dedicated Spotlight emails for your magazine and products.

Increase your profits

In order to increase revenue, you need to build an audience, engage that audience, and convince them to become buyers. In order to increase profits, create products that cost less to produce and distribute. This includes paid digital handbooks, or in the case of a craft magazine, these may be paid knitting patterns. You can also create a magazine library of old issues as an upsell when you sell subscriptions to your magazine.

Tip: Recycle content whenever possible. That’s the best way to not only increase revenues, but also lower expenses and boost profit margins.

Want to learn 37 ways to increase magazine circulation based on the principles above? Our session, 37 Proven Ways to Build your Internet Audience, Revenue and Profits at the Digital Revenue Summit will fill you in.

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