Leveraging Organic Media to Build User Relationships

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In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I shared two great press release examples and five press release guidelines.

Using well crafted press releases and distributing them through online resources is one way of leveraging your content to get audience members back to your website. From there, incorporating conversion architecture through your website will help you build a larger email file.

Search, PR and social media are organic tools to drive audience members back to your website. From there, it’s your premium legacy media that will be more likely to entice users to spend money within the first 12 months of being in your database.

Recipients of your email correspondence are the lifeblood of your online, content-based business. Users who have purchased from you before, or attended any of your live events, are 7-10 times more likely to buy more products from you than those users who only subscribe to your free email newsletter.

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This entire process however, begins at your website. Before a visitor to your website can become a paying customer, you must “capture” their email address for future correspondence.

At its core, a Mequoda Content Marketing System is driven by organic media and depends on the email capture to build user relationships.

Savvy online publishers and content marketers who utilize organic media – search, social and legacy media – and implement conversion architecture throughout all pages of their website, tend to find more success with building a larger audience than those who do not.

If you haven’t integrated these sources of organic media, you are greatly hindering your earned marketing efforts.

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    Bettyann S.

    It seems like the internet is where it’s at. I studied Computer Information and Film/Video at school, but I’m not too shabby with a keyboard when it comes to writing interesting stuff. Does anyone know of anyone (aside from Drudge and Arianna Huffington) who has been able to make a few bucks by blogging on a site from home?.


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