Mobile Display Ads Outlook from eMarketer

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

In a recently released report, eMarketer surveyed digital marketers and advertisers to determine the state of mobile display advertising. Despite the expectation that mobile ad spending will increase by as much as 82.3%, there are still gaps in effectiveness and best practices. Here’s what industry insiders had to say:

Standards:  “Guidelines for creative development, user tracking and results reporting across devices need to be more cohesive. Benchmarks are also needed to enable marketers to compare the effectiveness of mobile display advertising with advertising in other media.”

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Measurement Tools: “Better analytics and measurement solutions are needed to gauge ROI and lifetime value. Off-the-rack-type tools that enable marketers to measure ad engagement and attribute investments made in mobile display ads to sales across channels would be ideal.”

Improved Creative: “A migration away from static banners toward interactive formats that make use of all the capabilities on the device and are integrated with the content experience is necessary.”

Data Integration: “The ability to tie mobile users back into other data sets that marketers already own requires significant improvement. Most of these items have been on marketers’ wish lists for several years, and it’s not likely all five items will be checked off this year. However, given the migration of ad dollars to mobile, most expect to at least see improvements in all five areas in 2014, particularly with respect to creative execution and analytics tools.”

To read more about the outlook for mobile display ads, visit eMarketer.



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