More Digital Magazines Hit the Newsstand as Tablet Ownership Rises

Digital Publishing News for June 19th, 2013

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project‘s May survey, tablet ownership is on the rise and looks like a trend that’s going to continue. In the month of May, out of the people surveyed, 34% owned a tablet.

The largest increase was seen with people between the ages of 30 and 49, with almost 50% of people in this age group reporting tablet ownership. All age groups from 18-65 regardless of race or income have seen significant growth in tablet ownership from November 2010 to May 2013 at a pretty high rate. The iPad still takes the cake with 53% of the tablet market, while Amazon’s Kindle Fire makes up for 31% and the Samsung Galaxy making up for 19%.

eMarketer says that lower priced tablet options are to thank for the rise in ownership, even though the iPad still dominates. The iPad Mini’s lower price point may have had something to do with it. Anyway, good news for digital publishers who are watching digital subscriptions skyrocket thanks to the rise in ownership.

Bauer Media Adding to the Newsstand

Bauer Media, located in Hamburg, Germany, a producer of over 38 million magazines a week, is adding three new titles to Apple Newsstand. Mainly focusing on retail magazines, they have added Closer, Girl’s World and Celebrate with Woman’s World to the digital publishing world.

Even though they will be relying on the Newsstand to create a majority of the revenue, Bauer media is very optimistic about retail print magazines surviving, saying “if you produce products consumers want they will still buy them at retail.

They think the success they’ve had is due to the fact they limit the ads in the print and digital issues to create a great balance that viewers can really enjoy.

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MSN and Newsy Collaborate is an information source that follows all stories worldwide and makes 2-3 minute video clips that summarize the news. They will be coming together with MSN to deliver “customized video to the network.” Given that Newsy was already producing thousands of videos per month and have rung in more than a billion views, it only makes sense to partner with one of the larger news sources in America. The idea is to create much better mobile videos that can be seen on the MSN mobile platforms for faster and more up to date news with a multitude of opinions.

National Geographic Making Changes

After recently merging their print and digital content, Nat Geo is making some more changes from within. Sarah Lee and Keith Jenkins have been promoted to the directors of photography. Matt Mansfield has been promoted to editor of digital content and Chris Johns is now the executive vice president and group editorial director.

Hearst Newspapers Promotes Mike Deluca

Hearst Corporation – in charge of 15 daily and 36 weekly newspapers and over 300 magazines worldwide – is promoting Mike Deluca to senior vice president of digital productions. He comes over from Savored where he was chief revenue officer.


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