Landing Page Optimization Book Review: Landing Page Handbook by MarketingSherpa

Landing page conversion architecture tips

Due to limited time or budget, the landing page is often given the least priority in a marketing campaign.

Some marketers feel that a great external campaign is more important than a good landing page.  Our research has found the opposite to be true.  Even a great campaign needs the correct conversion architecture. Therefore, the landing page design is key.

The Landing Page Handbook by MarketingSherpa recommends three simple ways to turn every page into an effective landing page.

Sprinkle plenty of offers

A consistent Offer In Navigation (OFIN) will manage this task nicely.  It adds to the overall continuity of your site. This may include an email request form, catalog request, retail locations, access to customer service or a search box, all located above the fold.

Floaters are a quick, yet aggressive way to capture an unknown users email address.

If nothing else, every page should have a highly visible email signup form.

Mequoda Daily Landing Page with Floater

Mequoda Daily Landing Page with Floater

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Include hotlinks to more relevant pages

Convert visitors who are in the “information-seeking mode.”  Since a visitor may “land” anywhere on your site from a search engine query, help them find the information they seek immediately.  The easier it is to find, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Try adding a “Related Articles” or “Most Popular ___ List” to the end of every article.   Fill in the blank with appropriate articles, patterns, pictures, videos, books, newsletters, etc.  According to MarketingSherpa, this tactic can boost conversion rates up to 30%.

Recent articles about landing pages from

Recent articles about landing pages from

Test, Test, Test

The most repeated advice we give to clients is to continually test.  When done properly, it’s the best return on your investment. Testing will improve conversion rates.

This not only applies to PPC and email blasts, but also to organic search landing page testing.  Just because it’s free traffic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize for it.  The Mequoda System focuses on optimizing your marketing for just that – converting organic search traffic.

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