Website News: Subscription Business Model Tips for Modern Content Publishers

Subscription content goes everywhere. It’s displayed on smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

It involves words, images and sounds.

The digital subscription has become a model media companies cannot afford to ignore. If you create or publish content and don’t utilize the subscription business model, you may want to reconsider.

Considering the components of digital magazine publishing success

Which digital magazine publishing business model do you think works the best?

Modern media companies recognize the ability to attract and retain online subscribers. With great content and the ability to nurture relationships you can create a recurring revenue system.

Of course the top publishers also offer ancillary products in addition to their content-heavy subscription websites. Rodale, for instance, has a standalone e-commerce site. Clearly diversifying revenue streams is the future of successful digital magazine publishing.


The popularity of content marketing continues

Two significant things have been happening for content marketing: companies are paying close attention to creating great video content and product integration is finding home in tablet editions.

Great content resonates with the right audience. People recognize the products that interest them and want to learn more – this can of course directly coincide with the desire to purchase. Integrating product information in editorial, when done correctly, is a great content marketing strategy.

Successful decisions made by digital publishers

Do you remember when social media was the new craze? The innovative online professionals dove right in and tested the waters, looking for the right mix of content and socialization. Other digital publishers waited before taking any miscalculated moves.

Today, any observation digital publisher has organized social media strategies to fit their audience members.

The success of digital publishing cannot be discussed without mentioning digital pay models. The CEO of New York Times has discussed the success of subscription website pay model. Do you remember when this model was first announced? Many questioned its ability to succeed, but now we look to it as an industry standard for our new digital world.

Now is the time to start a subscription website

We’ve been preaching the good word of subscription websites for years because we wanted publishers to be there from the start.

We recognized the potential, and now more media companies than ever before are starting to focus on how to promote online, sell, and distribute their digital content. Media giants and indie publishers alike are finding empowered audiences – people who are engaging in the manner they choose, with the content they love.

The social aspect in the digital world has created new, untraditional revenue streams that digital content providers realize they can utilize. In addition to subscription websites with video, audio or written content, publishers are focusing on educating with workshops and webinars; they’re providing lists of recommended content, locations and brands.

There is a major attempt to show off your knowledge and expertise, with platforms to execute properly.

Digital publishers are learning new grounds and building their brand on them. They’re repurposing, repackaging, and recycling content for new audiences and mediums.

It’s an amazing time to be around if you truly love content, information, and the knowledge being shared digitally.


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