Week in Review: November 26th, 2012 – November 30th, 2012

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5 Subscription Management Software Requirements

For every publisher who dreams of creating a subscription website, choosing the right subscription management software can be a daunting task.
When we decided to turn our webinar program into a subscription product, I was faced with the same choice that every subscription website publisher must make: which subscription management software offers the right mix of features, functionality, and integration for my business.
For us here at Mequoda Group, one part of the solution was easy. Because our webinars are digital products that would only be offered as a digital subscription, we didn’t have to worry about printing labels, doing postal pre-sorts, or the myriad of other tasks associated with postal fulfillment. Keep Reading


Landing Pages that Rock your Customers’ World

For successful landing pages, best practices are mandatory.

At Mequoda, we never guess. Over many years of testing, we’ve developed proven best practices for just about everything. In fact, when it comes to landing pages, we have 12 of them. You can test these elements over and over, removing some or adding others, but in the end this even dozen will help you create landing pages that consistently deliver the desired results, whether it’s a sale or a conversion of some kind to gain an email address. Keep Reading


Network with Like-Minded Digital Publishers

Aside from three days of content on developing a digital publishing powerhouse, the Internet Marketing Intensive offers networking with like-minded digital publishers.

These networking opportunities have two major benefits:

First, you can learn from these other publishers. The intimate setting allows attendees to share their stories, both good and bad.

Second, you have the unique chance to develop partnerships. Our past events have led to profitable relationships numerous times. Keep Reading


Designing a Website: 13 Best Website Design Tools

The most important goal when designing a website is to figure out the main funnel that gets a visitor to complete a transaction. That transaction may be monetary (a sale) or not (a subscription to your email newsletter).

Effective website design is based on efficiency, clarity, and user-friendly elements that take the visitor through the funnel.

Check out these 13 best website design tools that cover all of the above. Keep Reading


Tracking Primary Keyword Phrases with 3 Uniquely Different Tools

A Keyword Universe is comprised of every word that can bring awareness to your website. These keywords need to be the phrases your potential audience is searching for, and ones that categorize the content on your website. If you add a keyword phrase into your Keyword Universe then you should have corresponding content about it on your website.

The phrases in your Keyword Universe consist of two main types, which are known as primary keyword phrases and secondary keyword phrases.

Your primary keyword phrases, also known as keyword clusters, are typically based on your most broad keyword phrases. These keywords are usually topics or main categories on your website. Keep Reading


If you have only a nominal understanding of digital publishing, or none at all, you must attend the Internet Marketing Intensive.




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