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Tag: email circulation

SEO Campaign Management 2010

Learn the latest techniques of SEO campaign management in this Mequoda SEO video training program or surrender website performance and publishing profits to your competitors.

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

12 Tips for Making a Good First Impression with Your Email Newsletter

Aim to impress and engage your email newsletter subscribers every time you arrive in their inbox

Achieve Higher Click-Through Rates by Testing Templates

How to increase revenue per thousand emails sent
The Mequoda Email Performance Report measures your split tests to help maximize email revenue and profit

Become an Instant Link-Building Expert with Free Reports

An affordable link-building strategy: Use downloadable content to increase inbound links and build online friendships
Search engine optimized Rapid Conversion Landing Pages convert casual visitors into loyal email subscribers.

Warning: We’re Only Building Out Eight New Mequoda Systems a Year (And Why This is Good News for You)

Unbelievable but true: We’re willing to reveal all of our secrets and provide you with a detailed blueprint for success — no kidding! All the documentation behind our state-of-the-art Mequoda Systems — plus all the Mequoda WordPress plug-ins — are yours for the modest Mequoda Pro membership fee.

5 Ratios All Online Publishers Must Measure

Acting on the results of these five online publishing metrics will boost SEO, email conversion rates, and email revenue

Mequoda Pro Charter Offer – Get Trained for 12 Months

“Fifteen years into the online revolution, and the online publishing gold rush is just now starting to get really interesting.”
With the right tools for analyzing new markets, and the skills to use them wisely, the future is bright for smart online publishers and marketers.

How to Create a Media Pyramid for your Business Plan

Start your Internet business model with a media pyramid that shows the hierarchy of your products and revenue

Are you in the process of writing a business plan for a new online venture, or an extension of an existing online business?

As you know, having an online portal for your information is essential for growth. Using the web as a new medium and not just an extension of your brand is critical. But this is a new beast, and to be prepared, you must plan. This holds true whether your online business unit launched six months ago, or hasn’t launched yet.

What the Heck is an OFIE, and What Should it Look Like?

How to create an OFIE that effectively turns website visitors into email subscribers

We’re big fans of acronyms over here at Mequoda, and the conversion architecture element we affectionately call the OFIE is no exception.

Has Online Social Networking Replaced Real World Networking?

There are many books and blogs already devoted to the “how to” of social networking. This is not a post about how to set up an account and get started. This post is about why you should get started and how you will benefit from social networking.

Hybrid Landing Pages: The Priority Code Landing Page

The priority code landing page lets you know where sales leads originate in order to control advertising expenses.

The priority code landing page is a hybrid dedicated landing page that’s part of the online order flow. A publisher might drive users to a priority code landing page where they can enter a proprietary combination of letters or numbers (alphanumeric code) in order to qualify for a special discount or express service.

Why Twitter Matters to Online Publishers

Twitter is now the second largest source of Mequoda’s incoming website traffic, and a major audience development driver

Using social media marketing to drive targeted website traffic and build your online publishing community

FOLIO: Growth Summit Coverage – Using Social Networks to Strengthen Your Market Position

Cia Romano and I talk social networks – both building your own, and using existing social networks to develop a diverse online audience.

Don’t Forget the End-Goal of Your Link-Building Efforts

Why it’s critical to have one authority page, ideally a Rapid Conversion Landing Page, as the reservoir for all your internal and external link juice.

We often write about the importance of researching, documenting and managing your keyword universe. It’s a process you must pursue and manage with discipline if you want any chance of getting Google to drive you consistent, targeted website traffic.

However, your keyword universe is only as good as the website architecture that supports it. If your site isn’t built according to and around your keyword phrases, your chances of attracting traffic from the search engines will be limited.

Link-Building Loophole: 8 Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

Use PDF files to improve your site’s landing page rankings with Google

Help build your niche brand with this eight-step link-building technique

Email Marketing Quiz: What’s Your Email Conversion Rate?

Maximize your subscriber file size with aggressive email conversion architecture.
Discover how to forecast and increase profits with the Mequoda Email Circulation Calculator.

Fundamentally, there are only two ways for any business to increase profits.

Want to make more money? Either increase the number of customers, or increase the average sale per customer. Or both.

The success of your online publishing business depends on the same two factors. The important variables are:

What are the job descriptions for an online publishing business?


In the beginning of this section, you went over quickly the various job descriptions required to run an online publishing business. I’d be helpful to see that list here so I can copy and paste once, instead of having to pause repeatedly and write all of that down. Thanks.


4 Steps for Building Email Circulation

How Golf Vacation Insider Manages 75 Complimentary Special Reports and a Page #1 Ranking in Google on Almost All of Them.

Job Descriptions for Managers – 6 Online Publishing Jobs

How your print publishing team translates online

Integrating Print & Online Media Teams

Building Online Media Teams that Both Represent Your Print Brand and Generate Revenue for Your Online Brand

Mequoda Summit “Integrating Print & Online Media Teams” Session Review:

While most publishers continue to load more responsibilities onto their existing print staff and require them to learn new skills, those in the know are hiring dedicated writers, marketers and technical staff to run their online business units. These same publishers know how to integrate their print and online teams to leverage editorial assets, cross promote print,

Making Money Online

Seven Strategies that Successful Publishers are Using to Turn their Traditional Publishing Brands into Internet-Centric Media Companies

SEO Research & Reporting

Choosing the Right Keyword Phrases to Attract Targeted Website Traffic and Using the Google Visibility Index to Track SEO Success

Creating a Management Dashboard

Learn the 11 Key Metrics Every Online Business Manager Should Know

Seven Online Publishing Secrets – Updated for July 2008!

Download ourcomplimentary report today and learn how to compete with today’s toppublishers by using the most profitable seven online publishing secrets.

How to Calculate Your Site-wide Conversion Rates

How to build top level conversion architecture that will increase conversion rates and boost sales

Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 5 – SEO Copywriting and Campaign Management

Leveraging Content and Keywords to Drive Targeted Website Traffic, Build Email Circulation and Sell Information Products

Two Magazine Publishers Sell Millions of Print Subscriptions Online in 2007

Meredith and Hearst Reveal their Secrets for Selling Lots of Print Subscriptions Online

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.

Using Earned Media to Build Email Circulation

Should your internet marketing system include earned media?

Email circulation and revenue per email subscriber are the two key metrics for every Mequoda Marketing System. The first priority for system operators is building email circulation. The goal is to attract as many subscribers as possible to the free email newsletter and let the newsletter’s content do the job of filtering the good from the bad. The key concept is that customers who signup and stay active subscribers are those most likely to buy paid information products.

Setting Up a Mequoda Marketing System – Phase 1

The Internet Hub is a one of seven Mequoda Website Archetypes discovered by reviewing more then 2000 media websites. Like all Mequoda Website Archetypes, it has a limited set of core functions that make it efficient for completing a limited group of user tasks that are key to the success of an online publishing operation or Mequoda Marketing System.

How to Start and Run an Effective Online Marketing System

Key components of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The launch and operation of a Mequoda Marketing System can be divided into four phases. Most of the steps in each phase are then repeated over and over again to build email circulation and monetize customer relationships.

Higher Revenue from Full Systems

You need a full marketing system to maximize revenue

Let’s face it: Internet marketing is complicated.

It’s based in a constantly evolving environment and requires a comprehensive system to be effective.

As yesterday’s Daily explained, the foundation for that system should be an Internet Hub.

Hubs attract users and capture their information for your marketing file for later monetization.

Setting up and designing your Hub is a large part of what we call Phase 1 of an Internet marketing system’s creation.

A Gathering of Minds

Attend SIPA’s June conference and take home practical methods to make your company more profitable.

SIPA’s 31st Annual International Newsletter and Specialized Information Conference is set to be three days of discussing the most powerful industry trends and best practices. It is being held from June 3 to June 5 in Washington, DC, and will feature more than 45 sessions and 56 roundtable discussions on the latest online publishing and newsletter information.

The Internet Hub Archetype

Mequoda views Internet Hubs as one of the most important website archetypes available to a publisher. Without a well-designed, well-marketed Internet Hub, an online publisher is forced to rely on other websites and other media to drive targeted website traffic.

How to Start and Run an Effective Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda Marketing System is comprised of the person in search of the information—the user; the publisher of the information—the operator; and the partner, or partners who work with the publisher to send traffic to the publishing website. The goal of the system is to acquire, build and monetize customer relationships. The system relies heavily on user and partner activity, a characteristic that allows the publisher to generate higher than average revenue per employee.

Do you use the Internet as a Product Platform or a Marketing Channel?

A question we’re often asked is whether the Internet is best used as a product platform or a marketing channel. And the answer, of course, is that it’s both. But most publishers have been very confused about the difference.

Our estimation is that in 2006, publishers should be generating at least 30 percent of their total revenues online. Meaning 30% of their overall revenue should be coming from a combination of two sources: