Achieve Higher Click-Through Rates by Testing Templates

How to increase revenue per thousand emails sent

The Mequoda Email Performance Report measures your split tests to help maximize email revenue and profit

If you’re a product-driven online publisher, you know there are numerous strategies for making money with email. The fun (and higher profits) comes with testing, tweaking and fine-tuning.

You can test the email sponsorship model versus the pay-per-click advertising model. Which is more profitable?

You can carry multiple advertisers who pay different amounts based on the position of their ads. Which produces more revenue per thousand subscribers?

Or you can test basic template design. Where should the featured product be introduced? Does an in-line text ad beat a banner ad? Or does a product review generate greater response?

Should you link into the sales letter landing page, or straight into the data collection page? Should you offer the reader an opportunity to “Read more” or “Buy now”?

Any experienced direct marketer, working with an online newsletter editor, can think of 10 variations of the email newsletter template to test. And because we’re all so new at this, typically five or seven out of 10 changes will produce an improvement!


The master class in email publishing economics

The key to incremental improvement is having a formal test plan and using the right tools to track and measure your results.

If you’re not absolutely clear about how to do this, I wish you would let me show you the procedures I’ve developed. This is the same process that I’ve taught hundreds of publishers, and that frankly, many others have helped me to refine.

In most instances, it enables publishers to improve their email performance rate by 30 – 50 percent or more. In a couple of cases, it has enabled us to improve email performance by more than 150 percent.

This proven plan of attack has generated millions of dollars of email publishing revenue from both product and advertising sales.

If you’re not measuring your email publishing revenues for each campaign and test split in those campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. But it needn’t be that way. There’s a simple and economical solution.

In the Mequoda Email Performance Report, my partners and I have created an Excel spreadsheet template that you can use to track and analyze key data from your existing email marketing system manually. Or you can fully automate the report to be an integral part of your online marketing system.

The email marketing system portion measures how many emails were sent, the open rates, the click rates, etc. The ecommerce system portion measures how many units were sold (gross and net), revenue per thousand, etc.

I recently re-recorded the Mequoda Pro Online Training Program entitled, “Email Newsletter Marketing — Testing to Maximize Email Revenue and Profit.” This Mequoda Pro Online Seminar and the Mequoda Email Performance Report are two of the many benefits of Mequoda Pro membership.

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Perhaps best of all, your Mequoda Pro membership entitles you to ask me and the Mequoda Research Team any question about online publishing and marketing strategy and get a direct answer.

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