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Tag: landing page

A landing page is any web page that an Internet user can enter a website through. Landing pages are optimized to attract specific audience members.

Reversing the Risk of Online Transactions

An effective Internet marketing strategy means anticipating customer hesitations and removing obstacles

Understanding Link Popularity

A few notes about link popularity from Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

Online copywriting secrets for attracting, engaging and monetizing customers

The key to creating successful sales letter landing pages is writing keyword-rich copy that Google ranks highly

Uploading a sales letter landing page to a website without regard to search engine optimization is a sure way to not be found. No matter how great the content, if Internet users can’t find it, it does not exist for them.

Publishing 2.0: Seven New Media Objectives for 2008

Expand your brand, audience, and reach with the technology you’ve been pondering since 2007

How a Carefully Planned Contest Increased Unique Visitors by 35%, Doubled Online Subscription Sales and a Saw a 34% Growth in Email Subscriptions for

If your budgets and resources are limited, we advise allocating them to efforts that are easily measured and monetized, like the contest Hearst Digital ran for Good Housekeeping last year. A simply brilliant and timely sweepstakes, offering $250,000 to pay off the winner’s mortgage, resulted in a 35% increase in average monthly unique visitors in the second half of 2007, doubled online subscription revenues in 2007 over the previous year and saw a 34% growth in email addresses.

Facebook and YouTube Searching for Magazine Partnerships But How Can Publishers Make Money?

Two keynote addresses at the MPA’s 4th magazines 24/7 conference focused on getting publishers to let go of their content and partner with the social networking and video sharing giants

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.

Using Earned Media to Build Email Circulation

Should your internet marketing system include earned media?

Email circulation and revenue per email subscriber are the two key metrics for every Mequoda Marketing System. The first priority for system operators is building email circulation. The goal is to attract as many subscribers as possible to the free email newsletter and let the newsletter’s content do the job of filtering the good from the bad. The key concept is that customers who signup and stay active subscribers are those most likely to buy paid information products.

Setting Up a Mequoda Marketing System – Phase 1

The Internet Hub is a one of seven Mequoda Website Archetypes discovered by reviewing more then 2000 media websites. Like all Mequoda Website Archetypes, it has a limited set of core functions that make it efficient for completing a limited group of user tasks that are key to the success of an online publishing operation or Mequoda Marketing System.

How to Start and Run an Effective Online Marketing System

Key components of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The launch and operation of a Mequoda Marketing System can be divided into four phases. Most of the steps in each phase are then repeated over and over again to build email circulation and monetize customer relationships.

Creating sales letter landing pages that do double and triple duty

The same high quality copywriting and design elements can be used for online, email and postal mail sales pitches.

Multiplatform publishing in the 21st century means offering users many products on many platforms, and using the Internet to recycle, reuse and republish information in many different formats.

This involves taking the same information and turning it into any format a user could possibly want—from e-books to streaming video to email newsletters. Publishers not only save on material costs, but the same information is being cheaply repackaged and sold in a multitude of formats to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

The upsell landing page asks for the add-on sale

Sell more products, at higher prices and great profit margins, with dedicated upsell landing pages

“Would you like fries with that?” is a simple, familiar hamburger stand upsell. The online version is a little more complicated, and requires a well-crafted, dedicated upsell landing page.

An upsell landing page is a conversion landing page. Like the sales letter landing page, the objective of the upsell landing page is to get the user to take the next step. It is designed to move the user along an order flow where an additional sale can be made.

How sales letters convert visitors into buyers

Sales letter landing pages pre-date the Internet in that they resemble traditional direct response sales letters.

A sales letter landing page is a conversion landing page. Its objective is to convert the casual visitor into a paid customer.

Sales letter landing pages are traditional direct response sales letters designed to maximize the conversion rate for a paid product. Often, the very same sales letter landing page, with minor but significant modifications, can be used in both email and postal direct marketing programs.

Database marketing 101: The money is in the list

Your online marketing campaign is worthless if you don’t secure the email addresses of visitors to your website and get their permission to follow up with them.

We’ve all heard the phrase a thousand times, since the dawn of postal direct response marketing, “the money is in the list.”

Make no mistake about it. List building with rapid conversion landing pages is the lifeblood of your online marketing campaign. You must build a database of loyal individuals to whom revenue-generating products may be promoted on a regular basis.

Starting an online relationship with a low-risk transaction

Requesting an email address in exchange for permission to send additional offers

Dedicated landing pages are hardcore, direct response pages. Their only goal is to get the user to complete a transaction.

Dedicated landing pages are designed to receive targeted website traffic and convert users into buyers or subscribers. They can coincidentally attract organic traffic, but are designed primarily to convert traffic, regardless of the source.

Dedicated landing pages are designed to receive targeted website traffic and convert users into buyers or subscribers. They can coincidentally attract organic traffic, but are designed primarily to convert traffic, regardless of the source.

Attracting and Converting Traffic with Glossary and Directory Landing Pages

Glossary and directory landing pages succeed when they provide users the information they seek—either a definition or a link to an article or product.

A glossary landing page, as the name suggests, is a glossary on a website that lists dictionary-like definitions of words, phrases or concepts.

Glossary landing pages attract traffic and include conversion architecture that urges users to subscribe or engage in some other transaction. Like the article landing page, the objective of the glossary landing page is to capture the user’s interest in the editorial content and lead him to a transaction.

The Importance of Article Landing Pages

The objective of the article landing page is to be picked up by search engines, capture the user’s interest and lead the user to a transaction.

Most website users are familiar with organic landing pages. Whether on an Internet hub, a retail site, or a membership website, organic landing pages contain content that is of interest to the user.

Generally, organic landing pages are wide open and full of content that the publisher has designed to be attractive to users and search engines. Essentially, an organic landing page is trying to get an Internet user to find it using the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.

Understanding the Architectural Elements of a Web Page

All online direct response transactions begin on landing pages

Mequoda research indicates that on most websites, a maximum of 20 percent of the traffic arrives at the home page. In fact, on many sites, as little as four or five percent of website traffic arrives at the site’s home page, with the rest arriving at much “deeper” pages.

Unlike traditional direct mail or retail marketing, where the user experience is more linear, every page on your website is a potential landing page. That’s because a landing page is the first page a user sees when entering your site, and a user can enter your site and “land” almost anywhere.

Master the details of strong conversion architecture in incremental steps and with testing

Every website landing page should be designed with a complete organization, labeling, and navigation scheme that enables users to fulfill their goals effortlessly. But where do you start?

Learning how to increase landing page conversion rates can mean the difference between the success and failure of your Internet marketing program.

You can have first-class products and create a beautiful website, but if your site is difficult to use, it will be nearly impossible to get casual visitors to become loyal buyers.

Use Power Words in Your Headlines

You’ll write strong, engaging headlines when you use proven power words

The ideal headline for your sales letter landing page, print ad or email promotion is a statement of your product’s unique selling proposition or the promise that it’s going to satisfy a need or solve a problem.

The headline is an advertisement for an advertisement. It must grab the reader’s attention with such force that she can’t resist reading the next sentence.

Get free help from Wordtracker and Google

Determining the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your website landing pages can be easy and absolutely free.

How sophisticated is your landing page optimization strategy? Do you know precisely what keywords and keyword phrases you’re targeting? Have you made a list and do you refer to it often?

If not—if you haven’t got a list of your targeted keywords—now is a good time to create it and keep it handy when writing your online articles and tips.

8 Landing Page Templates

The newest free report from the Mequoda Group

Looking for a crash course in landing pages? How about for free?

Well you’re in luck, Mequoda has a new free special report: 8 Master Landing Page Templates and When to Use Them. Just follow the link, submit your email address and the report is yours.

Landing pages are a vital component to any Internet marketing system. If you’re not optimizing your landing pages, the time to start is now because you are losing conversions.

Building Email Marketing Databases

This Mequoda System operator has focused on creating loads of free products to increase email newsletter subscriptions

If you’re a golfer that routinely gets tired of playing the same course in town then you should be subscribed to Golf Vacation Insider. This Mequoda System was created not just for golfers, but for people that enjoy golf travel.

“Our focus is on being the premier provider of golf travel intelligence in the world,” said David Baum, publisher and editor-in-chief of Golf Vacation Insider and Golf Odyssey.

Email Marketing with Video

Clever marketers are combining their tools to offer stronger email marketing campaigns

Ready for an online marketing mash-up? Try video email marketing, a new strategy attempted by only the most daring marketers.

Video email marketing combines three online marketing disciplines: email marketing, landing page design and promotional online video. Each have their own best practices and undefined grey areas, and their combination provides an alluring challenge.

Finding Effective Online Strategies

Only use proven methods

Conduct research before you make any changes to your online marketing or publishing strategies.

Research is essential to online profitability.

There is a wide array of technology, marketing tactics, website designs and publishing platforms, but not all of them work.

Manage Visitors to Maximize Conversion

Send visitors to the front door, not the window

There are dozens of goals shared by Internet marketers across the globe.

Somewhere at the top of almost everyone’s list is “increase visits to the website.”

It is probably on your list, but is your website ready for a surge of visitors?

As we discussed yesterday, not every website is.

To ensure that your website is ready, a system has to be in place that directs users to webpages that are designed to answer their needs.

Design Landing Pages that Work

Landing pages should convert targeted website traffic. That means having an organized system that matches the user with the right landing page.

The more targeted the landing page, the better the chance of conversion.

Your landing pages are the first place users encounter your website, so choose and design them well.

Personalized Pages Boost Conversions

Learn how one company is applying lessons from direct mail, and find out who won our Mequoda Summit Raffle for SIPA attendees

It’s widely known that direct mail campaigns are more successful when written with personalized information. Using the reader’s full name in the from-line or their job title in the copy will usually boost response rates.

This is proving to be true for email and landing page marketing, according to marketing software company Naehas, Inc.

Tripling Orders from AdWords

Put an edge on your marketing campaigns by learning your customers’ language

Speaking to users in their language—whether technical or regional—is very important. The more they understand you, the easier it is to sell them products.

Thankfully, the Web has made it easy to learn your customers’ language.

You can learn their exact terminology by using WordTracker.

The program will tell you how often phrases related to your business are searched for in engines like Google, which will teach you your customers’ language.

8 Effective Email Promotions

Reporting from the 31st Annual SIPA conference

3 Ingredients for Successful Online Marketing

How email newsletters, conversion architecture and incentives will help build your audience.

Online marketing expert and ecommerce guru Andrew Palmer ran a campaign last year to build subscriptions to Agora’s free email newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Palmer tested a self-titled “free on free” offer that gave every user who signed up for The Daily Reckoning a free special report titled Real Asset Explosion: Make Ten Times Your Money in the Astounding Resource Boom of 2006-2007.

Six Reasons Why your Internet Marketing is Failing

Any one of these Internet marketing mistakes can doom your online sales

There are plenty of ways to fail at Internet marketing, but six of the most common mistakes are these:

1. Wrong product—If no one is looking for the product you sell, your Internet marketing strategy is fatally flawed and you won’t make many sales.

Introducing Our Mequoda Email Newsletter Scorecard

10 Guidelines for Designing Effective Email Newsletters

While success or failure of an email newsletter should be directly tied to bottom line goals (like sales, revenue, etc.), there are some things that can help—or hurt—a newsletter’s chances of achieving those goals.

We’ve developed 10 guidelines for designing an effective email newsletter that we will use to analyze the email newsletters of successful B2B and B2C publishers.

Website Usability Tip: Does Less Hype Equal More Comprehension?

Looking back on an expert’s claim that website usability testing proved promotional language imposes a cognitive burden

It’s nearly a decade now since website usability expert Dr. Jakob Nielsen proclaimed that “that 79 percent of our test users always scanned any new page they came across; only 16 percent read word-by-word.”

“Users detested ‘marketese’—the promotional writing style with boastful subjective claims,” said Dr. Nielsen in 1997.

How to Build a Membership Website that Has a Sense of Urgency

When you build a membership website, provide an incentive to subscribe and offer instant gratification

Many membership website landing pages promote the overall value of their site’s content, but fail to create a sense of urgency about joining.

In broad, sweeping generalizations the landing page characterizes the content that awaits you if you join the membership website, and promises a boatload of new articles to be delivered over the course of your membership, but offers no incentive to join RIGHT NOW!

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report is Difficult to Join

The Internet is a constantly evolving medium. Websites get redesigned, either owing to new graphics, new content, or because the essential architecture is inadequate to serve the site visitors.

If the human factors haven’t been properly addressed — if visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for or can’t order your product easily — you’ve got insurmountable problems that mandate you to re-engineer your website. The issue here is website usability.

In the time since we first published a review of the landing page for Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, some elements have been redesigned, but some have only gotten worse.

An Access Challenge Landing Page Worthy of the New York Times

TimesSelect generated more than a half million new subscribers in its first 12 months

After previously having offered access to its archived content for free, and charging only for access to its celebrated, syndicated columnists, a new revenue model has emerged at the New York Times.

The Times now offers three levels of information. At the lowest level, most of the current day’s news is available without charge to all The New York Times website visitors.

Checklists Provide a Never-Ending Source of Content

As an online publisher, part of your job is to make information easier to manage for your subscribers

The majority of membership websites and email newsletters are instructional. Members join or subscribe in order to access content that is not available to non-subscribers. Much of this proprietary information is of the how-to variety.

If you’re a publisher of an email newsletter, and you’re stuck for a story idea, think checklist. You’ll almost never run out of ideas and you’ll provide your subscribers with valuable tools that increase your credibility as an expert.

The Retail Media Website Archetype

Every Retail Media Website has two business goals. First, the website must allow users to buy products. Second, the website must begin a user relationship with both buyers and non-buyers that will lead to future sales.

The Membership Website Archetype

A membership website is a user driven, content-based website satellite that generates the majority of its revenues from user access fees. This website business model is similar to a book club, professional association or user group that accepts little or no advertising, relying primarily on user support.

Landing Page Optimization Conversion Index

A Mathematical Formula for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates

Last week at the SIPA event in Las Vegas, we heard from Jalali Hartman, Director of Strategy at who shared with us a formula for improving our landing page conversion rates.

In a presentation titled “5-Step Plan to Skyrocket Your Registration Funnel Conversion Rate”, Mr. Hartman shared with us the MEC Conversion Index, which is a mathematical formula for analyzing the probability of your landing page conversion rates.

Five Tips for Keeping Visitors Around and Convincing Them to Order

As you may already know, most people arrive at a website and within less than 10 seconds can determine whether it’s clean, professional and worth their time. Your landing page delivers the first impression. It’s usually the most important page on your site. It needs to be a fast, effective messenger.

With a quick glance, visitors to your site should know exactly what your site is all about or what your business does. Determine what image and message you want the customer to “get” in those first few seconds, and design your landing page toward that objective. Anything that distracts from the central message or image you wish to project should be eliminated. Landing Page Review

In Psychology 101 we all learned the basic principles of attraction and avoidance. Pleasure and pain. Reward and punishment.Boiled down, I think of it this way: You either want something you don’t have, or you have something you don’t want.If you suffer with back pain, you have something you really don’t want, and you’re not alone.

Four Powerful Tools for Converting Website Visitors to Email Subscribers

Online marketers have four powerful tools for converting website visitors to email newsletter subscribers:

All of the above are entry points into the conversion flow. They may link to the Rapid Conversion Landing Page or to the first data collection page in your order flow—depending on the amount of information the user has received about the offer.

A List of Online PR Distribution Services to Consider for your Next PR Campaign

Some online PR distribution services are free, and some are paid.

On the Internet, press releases take on new meaning. They provide search-engine visibility—an additional marketing opportunity that only some industries have figured out. Now that the public can read press releases directly on Internet news portals such as Yahoo! News or MSN News, it’s becoming more important to optimize press releases for online distribution. They must include keyword-rich headlines and body copy and must provide extensive links back to your website or a specific web landing page.

A Simple Test to Validate the Success of One-Shot Products

If you take a close look at the Media Pyramid, you’ll notice we list subscriptions and products as two different things. When we say products, we are referring to non-renewal products: books, eBooks, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other one-shots. If you question the value of one-shot products sold online, try this simple test…

Organic Landing Pages vs. Conversion Landing Pages & Understanding the Difference

What is a landing page?

Some say “it’s the first page someone sees on your site”. Others say “it’s a webpage viewed after clicking a link in an email.”

We’ve also heard it referred to as “a specific page a visitor reaches after clicking a search engine listing” or “a location a user is directed to or ends up at after clicking on a link or typing in a command.”

All of these definitions are true.

Old Media vs. “New Media” Reasons for Using PR to Drive Website Traffic

Audience development with the help of online PR
We see lots of publishers that still don’t understand how to integrate the Internet into their marketing operations. They understand the importance of coming up with a free giveaway, they understand the value of publicizing it, but they don’t understand how to convert website traffic into customers. Basically, it’s the old media/new media paradigm at work.

Comparing Co-Registration to Pay-Per-Click

Use both as part of an effective internet marketing strategy
A client we had’s highest source of revenue (about $27 over 12 months) was from subscribers acquired through pay-per-click advertising. That’s because about a third of the subscribers acquired through pay-per-click purchased on their first visit to the publisher’s website.

Using a Unique Style of Copywriting Called “Fascinations” to Mesmerize Readers and Drive Sales

Landing Page Design Tips: Want to know a secret? Of course, you do. Everyone loves secrets. As Homo sapiens we always want what we can’t have and that includes desiring an edge over our competitors or discovering some nugget of information that’ll add value to all facets of our lives; whether its business, financial, personal or dealing with our health.