3 Ingredients for Successful Online Marketing

How email newsletters, conversion architecture and incentives will help build your audience.

Online marketing expert and ecommerce guru Andrew Palmer ran a campaign last year to build subscriptions to Agora’s free email newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Palmer tested a self-titled “free on free” offer that gave every user who signed up for The Daily Reckoning a free special report titled Real Asset Explosion: Make Ten Times Your Money in the Astounding Resource Boom of 2006-2007.

The tactic was a success. It generated 17 to 55 percent more signups than solely offering a Daily Reckoning subscription and further solidified Agora Financial as a leading website publisher. Lessons taken from Agora’s example, combined with marketing research from the Mequoda Research Team, have helped us identify three essential components to a successful online marketing system.

  • Email Newsletters should be free and frequent. An email newsletter must contain valuable content, a featured product and links to the product’s sales letter landing page.
  • Strong Conversion Architecture is essential in capturing relevant users and directing them to a conversion—such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. Prime examples of strong conversion architecture include deploying OFIEs, OFINs and floaters that drive traffic to rapid conversion landing pages. Publishers should also drive all pay-per-click efforts to rapid conversion landing pages, as Agora did.
  • Incentives act as a catalyst for acquiring new customers. They can be free downloads or products that instantly gratify users in exchange for their email address.

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These three online marketing system components will increase a publisher’s database of names and bring a publisher’s product to more users more frequently. These components, however, are only part of the entire Mequoda Internet Marketing System, designed specifically to acquire, build and monetize the publisher/user relationship.


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