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Tag: Linkedin

Add LinkedIn to Your Social Media Strategy

Top 5 ways to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is known as the professional network, you may not be utilizing it fully as part of your social media strategy. Here’s why you should – LinkedIn will generate free, organic traffic to your website.

Here are a few simple ways to improve website traffic using LinkedIn and make it more social.

New Media Trends: LinkedIn Becomes More Relevant

LinkedIn adds Signal for relevant real-time feeds

New Media Trend: LinkedIn announced their latest endeavor to become more relevant – LinkedIn Signal. It combines status updates with your specific search terms. The goal is to streamline your news feed with relevant data, the stuff you really want to be updated on.

Do You Know How Much a Tweet is Worth? How About a Facebook Share?

Check out these statistics on Social Media sharing

Return on investment is typically on the minds of publishers. For a while, the ROI from social media was hard to determine.

Fortunately, some businesses have come out with findings on how much social network shares are worth to their business.

The company that brought forth this information is Eventbrite, a popular event ticketing website.

3 Easy Ways to Build Inbound Links & Increase Website Traffic

Start driving website traffic by being more pro-active about link-building

Search Engine Optimization is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting ranked in Google. Another big piece includes getting enough inbound links to an article to tell Google that said article is worthy of rank.

Here are a few ways that you can get your articles distributed to the masses with little to no effort:

Week in Review: October 4th, 2010 – October 8th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Find Online Publishing Jobs Using Social Media

LinkedIn Career Explorer combines social media and recruiting

Career Explorer on LinkedIn is a valuable new tool that matches up college graduates who are looking for full-time jobs or internships and the companies who want to hire them.

With over 70 million users, LinkedIn is a good place to start, whether you looking to hire or to get hired. Here are a few tips about using LinkedIn and Career Explorer, first for employers and then graduates.

Add to Your Social Media Strategy another amazing tool from Google

Last December, Google introduced the Google URL Shortener ( but only as part of Google Toolbar and Feedburner. Gradually, they have added it to many other Google products. Finally, as of September 30, 2010, it has a stand alone website – Now it’s easier to incorporate into your social media strategy.

Google’s not the first to create a URL shortener, what’s so different about it? According to their blog, it won’t have lots of bells and whistles. They are focusing on stability, security and speed.

New Research Says We’re Reading Before Buying

All of a Sudden, We’re Offering – and Taking – Advice

How many of you out there have posted comments or reviews about products you’ve bought, trips you’ve taken or publications you’ve read? With this audience comprised primarily of college graduates, can you believe that figure is close to 40 percent?

In new research just released by Pew Internet, one-fourth of American adults—regardless of education—say they have posted comments or reviews online about the products or services they buy, indicating a willingness to share their opinions about products and the buying experience with others.

5 Free Ways Generate Website Traffic

How to increase website traffic for free!

We’re always looking for ways to increase website traffic, especially if it’s free. And yes, there are ways to generate website traffic for free. You may already be doing some of these, and you may have others to add to our list.

Here are 5 ways to generate website traffic that won’t cost anything:

Email Marketing Tips: Using PDF Files

Eight Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

To get more incoming links, publish lots of great content. To grow your subscriber file, promote free reports to your list.

The best use of the first 10 to 20 percent of your advertising inventory is to promote your own free email newsletter and the white papers described n the process below. This is a Mequoda best practice, yet few online publishers follow through.

At Mequoda Daily, every other Friday is “Free Report Friday”, we are using just ten percent of our inventory to promote our own freemium. Our results have proven that every time we release a free white paper, Mequoda Daily experiences increased website traffic and email circulation.

Online Press Release Guidelines for Publishers

How to write a better press release

A press release is not written like anything else on your site. Once you master the basics of writing a well-crafted press release, you will reap the benefits – increased website traffic, new inbound links and higher search engine rankings.

Week in Review: September 20th, 2010 – September 24th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Internet Marketing Strategy Using LinkedIn DirectAds

Target professionals with paid advertisements

Would you like to connect with a large audience of active, influential professionals? Consider reaching professionals through ads on Linkedin.

DirectAds are paid advertisements that are shown to Linkedin members on the website and the Linkedin Audience Network. Your ads may show in any of the ad placements on the site, including the medium rectangle ad on Linkedin profile pages and the Linkedin home page.

CPC advertisements may also be shown as the text link ad at the top of the home page. Images and logos in the ad may be omitted from that ad placement.

Artistic Examples of Content Marketing

How artistic content producers and publishers can be using content marketing

I recently came to the realization as to why I love content marketing so much. It goes back to my childhood where the love of music started. There was something very spiritually moving about artists who create with passionate and persistent, and then share their art with the rest of us. It was this single understanding that led me to learn about music, listen to as much as possible and begin my love affair with what has since been coined as content marketing.

After that brief introduction, let’s fast-forward to modern times and the opportunities artists have with content marketing. For known artists who already have a following, there are some websites that are specifically designed for musicians and music lovers to share live recordings., and are just a few of these sites. The artists found in these recordings are true musicians in the sense that they love creating musical pieces and sharing them with their fans. They aren’t the greedy, mainstream music industry clones that are all too present on radio stations nowadays seeking fame and fortune. They are people, like you and I, who have found their passion and want to spend their days engulfed in it. And probably be able to sustain that living.

Top 10 Free Press Release Sites

It’s time for our annual press release website update.

This year we’ve narrowed our selection to a top ten free press release websites. SOme of them also offer extra features if your willing to pay for the upgrade. The first four are the press release sites we use most often.

6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Here are 6 ways you can improve your Internet marketing strategy that will increase website traffic and boost email marketing conversion rates

Provide lots of FREE content. It is the foundation of the Mequoda System. This content can come in the form of email newsletter subscriptions, website access, eBooks, white papers, audio or video podcasts. It’s hard to get someone to open their wallet without sampling first. Think about this: if your free content is high quality it has value to the visitor and they believe the paid portion of content will be just as good, if not better.

Add fresh content daily. Competition is fierce, stay ahead by adding new content on a regular schedule. For most publishers, we recommend posting at least once a day. Some different ways to accomplish this include: a tip of the week, white papers, podcasts and the week-in-review. High quality, keyword-rich content will keep users coming back for more.

Growing Numbers of Social Network Users

Users 65 and up are now into social networks more

Earlier this week we posted an article about having an Internet marketing strategy for baby boomers. We said it was a necessary step to take and a recent article from eMarketer backs up the validity behind our suggestion.

The article I speak of discussed findings from a survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project that Internet usage among users ages 50 and older almost doubled during the past year, from 22% to 42%.

Learn How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Successful publishers evolve and so does their content marketing strategy

Smart publishers will tell you that once they started optimizing articles and landing pages for Google, search engines have become their biggest source of incoming traffic and email subscriptions. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have become the second largest source of incoming traffic.

We feel the key to making money online, as a publisher, is giving away lots of free content with a clear path to at least one source of revenue. Stop the in-your-face approach of screaming at consumers to “buy my product”. You now have the opportunity to interact with them and create a meaningful relationship.

Video Tips: Buying in and Reaching Out

Aim, Shoot, Post. But First Get Some Equipment

Last week, 3D, the DMA Daily Digest, led us to a website called Target Marketing that published a nice piece on “Creating and Promoting a Viral Video.” (More on that below.)

Fortunately—since you definitely need some equipment before undertaking these videos—SIPA’s June Hotline published an article by Alan Prochoroff, editor and publisher of Insurance Compliance Insight for ProBusiness Publishing LLC, to help get you started in the video realm. The article compared the Flip Ultra HD camcorder and the Kodak vi8 (now available as the zi8 HD).
Here were some of his findings:

Tips From SIPA UK Lead to Sessions in Miami

Tips From SIPA UK Conference Become Session Starters for Miami Meeting

David Foster, CEO of BVR in Portland, Ore., sat in on the marketing directors’ roundtable at July’s SIPA UK Conference in London, and sent back some thoughts from the participants. We’ve now added interesting tie-ins to sessions at the Annual Marketing Conference in Miami. It’s exciting when Conferences build off each other.

1. When hiring, be sure to check the prospective staff member’s use of social media. Particularly for marketing staff, if they’re not present on LinkedIn or Facebook or something else, they probably aren’t going to adapt to your program. Plus, you’ll know more about what kind of people they are.

3 More Reasons for Increasing Website Traffic Through Social Media

You can’t afford to ignore social networking sites

It’s important to establish yourself now on social networking sites. First, users are spending increasingly more of their time on social networks, even when they’re on the go. Second, you need inbound links to improve your page rank. Third, you need to attract new audiences.

“Despite the almost unlimited nature of what you can do on the web, 40 percent of U.S. online time is spent on just three activities – social networking, playing games and emailing, leaving a whole lot of other sectors fighting for a declining share of the online pie,” said Nielsen analyst Dave Martin.

New Email Marketing Trends

Have you thought about using podcasts for building email circulation? With the popularity of iTunes and online radio like Pandora, podcasts are an easy way to reach eager listeners through the Internet.

Creating a podcast is not as technically challenging as it may sound. There are free software programs available that are fairly user-friendly. Try Audacity, FeedforAll or Easy Podcast.

Next, create a rapid conversion landing page. This is where users will “land” to download the podcast. The RCLP should be keyword-rich and highlight the content of your podcast.

This Successful Blog Combines the Passion of Writing and Riding

A lifelong love of horses inspires the popular blog ‘The Gallop Report’

Holly Clanahan has been around horses her entire life, she says she was a ‘horse-crazy kid’. Clanahan is the editor of America ‘s Horse magazine, which goes to all AQHA members. Since December 2008 she’s been writing The Gallop Report, a blog about her life with horses. Their goal with the blog was to help readers relate to her as “one of them” — just another horse lover who struggles, as they do, to balance work, family and horses, while maintaining a sense of humor about it all.

One Successful Blog Leads to Another

From food to the great outdoors, Patti Londre offers passionate blogging advice

“At this stage of my career, blogging was natural for my background because it combines creativity, writing, cooking, photography, marketing, technology and more.” – Patti Londre

Food, food, food – Patti Londre has had a passion for all things food since her teens. Patti earned a degree in home economics at SDSU. She’s been in sales at Campbell Soup (mmm, mmm, good) and held a PR job for a large supermarket chain. For over 25 years, Londre has run her own successful food public relations agency. She is a former Treasurer of the PRSA, LA, former Treasurer of the International Foodservice Editorial Council, and former Chair of the prestigious LA Counselor’s Group.

Vida y Salud: Successful Blogging in the Latino Community

Vida y Salud is a blog about health and wellness for Spanish-speaking audiences

“I believe that, when it comes to blogging, we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg – especially for the Latino market. This is a very exciting time.” – Dra. Aliza Lifshitz

Aliza Lifshitz is a medical doctor and a medical correspondent. She’s been practicing medicine and reporting on Univision TV for over 20 years, in addition to working in other media, including radio and print. In essence, she has two very different practices: a private one in which she see’s individual patients, and a public one in which she uses mass media to empower people to live healthier lives.

New PR Survey Tips Generously and Wisely

A New Survey on Public Relations Provides Some Up-to-Date Answers. In 1963, John Marston wrote a book, “The Nature of Public Relations,” saying that “public relations is planned, persuasive communication designed to influence significant publics.” Almost 50 years later, the definition hasn’t changed all that much, but how we go about those “persuasive communications” certainly has.

In a new study released yesterday by PRSourceCode, titled “2010 Top Tech Publications, The Evolution of Tech PR,” the state of public relations in the online world was summarized by questions like “How do you measure your social media impact?” and “How do you work to engage different media?”

The Grumpy Gardener Successfully Blogging for Southern Living

Steve Bender digs up great gardening ideas in his blog: The Grumpy Gardener

Steve Bender aka The Grumpy Gardener at Southern Living

Steve Bender has been writing professionally for more than 25 years, developed a large and loyal following of readers, and knows a great deal about gardening, which, for the last 2

Brilliant Strategies Used by Online Publishers to Develop Their Audience

Last chance to sign up for our Building Email Circulation webinar

Inspirational Blogging found at Guideposts

Edward Grinnan may be the world’s leading inspirational publisher

Artist Daily has Mastered the Art of Blogging

Art blogs for all, from beginner painting and sketching to landscape and still life lessons

Mequoda Content Marketing System Key Characteristics

Four building blocks that make up our content marketing system

Everyone is a Critic While Blogging at we8there

Stanley Roberts runs possibly the oldest blog on the internet

Building Email Circulation

This revealing Mequoda/SIPA Webinar Offers 41 Sources You Could be Using to Increase Website Traffic & Attract Qualified Email Subscribers

Blogging About The Best Kept Secret in Golf

Golf Vacation Insider provides free travel tips for golfers

Profit from Investment Tips on the Gryphon Daily Blog

Jeanne Grecco of Gryphon Daily has investment suggestions for every type of investor

What’s in Your Email Inbox?

Email Communications is Still on Top for Daily Usage

Content Marketing Solutions from Junta42 Blogger

Joe Pulizzi, the leader in the content marketing revolution

Creating Content That Pulls People in by Blogging

MarketingSherpa, a guide to marketing research

Vida y Salud – One Million Unique Users in Under 10 Months

A story of health, wellness and success

Blogging for Profit: Copywriting Made Easy

Bob Bly shares 30 years of copywriting and internet marketing strategy experience

Social Media for Publishers

Making Twitter and other Social Networks a successful part of your media mix…

TweetDeck for Publishers

Making your Twitter experience more manageable

Profit by Creating Landing Pages That Really Convert

Anna Talerico creates a software platform that helps internet marketers increase their landing page conversion rates

Pottery Making Gets Creative Online with Blogging

Jennifer Harnetty is the managing editor of, an online community serving active potters and ceramic artists worldwide

Wide Receiver Turned Sports Blogger

Lewis Howes turned a career ending football injury into a success blogging and speaking career

Project Retweet, or, Step One Towards Monetizing Twitter

What will the future hold for the social media giant?

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events

Knitting Daily, a Pattern for Successful Blogging

Insight from Kathleen Cubley, Editor of Knitting Daily

SEO Campaign Management Basics

Free report that teaches you how to increase your website’s visibility

Blogging About Successful Healthcare Marketing Strategies – Stewart Gandolf shares years of real-world marketing experience