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Designing Media Websites that Work – Creating a website for the best user experience

Functional website design is necessary for successful online businesses.

Your audience may not recognize the intricacies, but they certainly recognize the attributes of good website design. The sites they frequent, interact with, and spend money at the most are likely designed well.

If the terminology is new to you, you’d better discover the attributes before you develop a new website or update your existing site. The future of online business is catering to functional website design. Without it, you’ll make critical errors in the design and development of your website, which will alienate your core audience.

Our Designing Media Websites that Work webinar is designed to walk you through the process of functional website design. With our help you’ll learn how to create a website focused on the best user viewing and interactive experience. Your online audience will be able to easily read and navigate through your website, regardless of device preference.

During 90 minutes we explore the functionality, system infrastructure, and project budget associated with these next-generation websites. Order Designing Media Websites that Work so you can prepare your organization for the future’s standard in website design. You can also watch it on demand.


Defining website functionality

What do website visitors expect from your website? Do you even know? Not only does your navigation have to be clear and easy to use, you need the individual sections of your website to motivate your audience.

Yes, motivation is key. Your audience, particularly new website visitors, need to be motivated to browse your content, exchange their email address for free download content, and make purchases. The best way to motivate people online is by providing them with a great website experience; one that allows them to effortlessly find the answers to their questions and the content they seek.

During the Designing Media Websites that Work webinar you discover how to develop your global sitemap and design the most important parts of your website. These areas include design guidelines for your:

  • Blog templates
  • Free report marketplace
  • Community and forum template
  • Online store
  • Events website
  • Magazine website

We cover the website elements that build relationships, and most importantly, generate revenue for your organization.

Order Designing Media Websites that Work so you can take a deep dive into best practices for website design.


Your website is a hub for community engagement

If you’re an experienced consumer marketer or circ director learning the ropes of digital publishing, you’re probably wondering how to build your email database. Email marketing has been a successful strategy for years, and all relevant publishers are spending time building an email marketing list.

Of course, it’s impossible to build an email marketing program without the right tools.

First, you need to establish conversion architecture on your website to capture names and email addresses. The best strategy revolves around multiple types of conversion architecture, including OFIEs (order form in editorial), OFINs (order form in navigation), and floaters.

Indexing your content is perhaps the most underestimated part of functional website design. Conversion architecture is crucial to developing lists, but in order to get users interested in converting, you need to have great content that’s easy to find. Honestly, who wants to register with a website if the content is misplaced, hard to find, or lacking in quality?

This program shares strategies on converting casual visitors into registered members. You’ll finish the 90-minute Designing Media Websites that Work program knowing how to build a community around your website.


Planning your system infrastructure

Don’t tackle the daunting task of planning your website’s infrastructure alone. Our featured speaker has made a career on developing high-quality websites for content producers. The websites always focus on the user experience and have successfully developed communities, with millions of unique visitors returning for more of the content they love.

During Designing Media Websites that Work you’ll get a look at the options that exist for your website. We  show you software strategies and content management systems so you can make an educated and informed decision on which to use. You’ll see dozens of plugins with a vast array of functionality, many of which have been built by our developers specifically for digital publishers.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to consider choosing system options that fit your audience the best.

Watch Designing Media Websites that Work to grasp the options and requirements associated with today’s always-changing world of software development.


Don’t pay too much for your future website

Getting to market in a timely manner is the difference between success and failure. Immense competition is the theme for many markets online. You need your website to reach the digital environment as quickly as possible – without excessive costs.

The clients we’ve built websites for have been able to get to market in a fraction of the time needed by other design firms. Why? Because we use website design best practices while creating custom websites. If you’re planning on launching a new website or re-launching an existing site, Designing Media Websites that Work’s section on project scope is invaluable. During this section you’ll uncover tips on preparing your project plan, schedule and budget. We’ll even show you a mockup of related costs for developing a website with best practice guidelines.

You need to watch Designing Media Websites that Work if you want to learn how to build the website of your dreams; one that will resonate with your core audience, build relationships within the online community, and allow for new digital revenue streams.

Can you afford to miss this information? Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on a website that will be outdated in a few years? If not, order Designing Media Websites that Work and learn how you can create the best user experience, regardless of the devices your audience members use to access the Internet.


Chris Sturk

Managing Editor, Community Manager, and Your Webinar Host

Mequoda Group

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Aimee Graeber

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Aimee Graeber manages all system consulting, design, development, maintenance, training and support for dozens of publishers. She also sets and oversees the implementation of Mequoda System Best Practices for all Mequoda hosted systems, giving her a vast range of experience to draw on in instructing this course and guiding publishers in their transition to an online presence.





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