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Tag: mequoda systems

How to Create a Bulletproof Magazine Business Plan

Are you in the process of writing a magazine business plan for a new venture, or an extension of an existing publishing business? I won’t beat around the bush here. If you’re looking to develop a magazine business plan, we should chat.

Conversion Optimization Tip: How to Improve Your Email Capture Rate Immediately

A quick conversion optimization hack that will eliminate abandons in your email capture flow
It’s not often we can tell you about a conversion optimization tip that will offer you an immediate improvement in your email capture rates, but there is one we are currently adopting with all of our new clients, and we just can’t

Strategy Spotlight with Don: Bringing Discipline to Chaos

Mequoda is a little unusual as an organization, people tend to feel puzzled about us. Are we a consultancy? Are we a developer? Most often this confusion becomes apparent when we meet one of two types of clients, described below.

Protected: Executive Council Update: Improve Email Capture Rates Right Away

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Protected: Executive Council Update: Spend Less Time on Spambots

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Protected: Executive Council Update: Social Sharing Enhancement

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Protected: Executive Council Update: Updating Cache and CDN Components

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How to Track and Increase Email Revenue

Increase email revenue by determining your ideal revenue per subscriber, and then using service journalism to keep them on a path toward monetization

A Mequoda online publishing and marketing system measures revenue produced by email newsletter subscribers differently from the way that print publishers have traditionally measured the lifetime value of a subscriber.

The revenue per email

The Art of Writing Killer Inline Text Ads to Build Email Circulation

Although a text ad could refer to any ad consisting of text, we’re currently referring to those that are part of your conversion architecture. These ads are placed in the dead center of all your articles and invite your website visitors to download a free product that will get them on your email list.

Understanding the Mequoda Method for Multiplatform Publishing

We recently started working with a publisher who came to us looking to sell more magazine subscriptions. When we started talking about the importance of building their email circulation, the publisher looked at us as if we hadn’t heard his question. After this conversation, it came to me that there are still lots of people out there who don’t understand what we do.

Use Website Floaters to Increase Email Conversion Rates

Now that more than half of all Internet users block pop-ups and Google has banned them from use by PPC buyers, there are two more good reasons to drop this once effective website design technique and look for a better way to increase landing page conversion rates.

Mequoda Rocket Awards: Top 10 Haven Nexus Systems of 2016

In 2016, our clients, who we affectionately call our Gold Members, have followed the Mequoda Method using our Haven Nexus CXMS and have seen tremendous gains in traffic year over year.
Every year at our annual Gold Member Summit, we give out Rocket Awards. The Mequoda Rocket Award honors the fastest growing website among Mequoda’s Gold Member websites.

As the

Cate Prato Joins Mequoda as Implementation Team Director

Prato will work with a cross-functional team made up of Haven Nexus Software Engineers, QA engineers and subject matter experts to implement Mequoda Systems.
In Mequoda’s history, one of our most successful clients has been Interweave. With our guidance on SEO, email marketing, and website best practices, Interweave launched a group of online communities including Knitting

How Successful Subscription Based Websites Do Marketing

No publisher can hope to have a successful subscription based website without getting the marketing right. So if you have, or plan to launch, one of our three subscription website business models – a portal, magazine website or newsletter website – it’s worth studying the winning strategies used by savvy publishers, including, of course, our own clients.

2016 Mequoda American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook

Claim your FREE digital copy of our 2016 Mequoda American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook: Multiplatform Magazine Reader Habits and Digital Publishing Best Practices now.

Mequoda Announces the Arrival of Bill Dugan as Newest Chief Strategy Officer

This certified Mequoda Master will step into Ed Coburn’s shoes
We’ve come a very long way since 2013.

Back in the day, Mequoda was a modest 15-person organization, with one lead consultant – that would be me – and a single team working with that consultant. Today, in 2016, we’ve tripled in size, with 40-plus team members,

The 17 Fully Integrated Mequoda Gold Member Benefits

At Mequoda, we talk a lot about individual pieces of the Mequoda System in our Daily posts. But the Mequoda System, known in full as the Mequoda Multiplatform Media Management System, is complex, consisting of hundreds of moving parts, and reading about them at different times and in different places can’t give you a complete understanding of it.

The Importance of Phasing Projects for Content Management Systems

The larger projects online publishers face when becoming multiplatform publishers are often broken into multiple phases to keep the work manageable and the project moving along. Phasing brings focus to the work as it helps employees avoid mental exhaustion that can occur with large, daunting projects.

When building Haven Nexus systems for our clients, we are often transforming a standalone website into a fully integrated multiplatform publishing and marketing system. This isn’t exactly a small task, so we focus on a few phases to prioritize and stay focused.

Three Ways to Block Ad Blockers

Hide in plain sight and make your advertising messaging look like regular content to block ad blockers
Ad-blocking software has been around almost as long as people have had personal computers in their homes, so they’ve always existed at the same time that you’ve been depending on ad sales. But only last month did publishers begin

What Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like for Publishers

In the second decade of the 21st century, the online publishing environment is not only changing dramatically, it’s changing at a faster rate than we ever could have anticipated.

In a mere 20+ years, since the dawn of the commercial Internet, we’ve experienced a genuine paradigm shift in content marketing. That’s because magazines, newsletters, books, audio and video content now can be digitized and delivered online, as well as marketed on websites and via email.

The 8 Characteristics of a Subscription Website

Each subscription website business model we write about has a distinct combination of characteristics
When Mequoda writes about subscription website business models, we always include a chart that outlines eight different characteristics of the different models. As far as we know, we’re the only ones writing at length about publishers’ website architecture, much less going into

How to Build a Multi-Platform Website for Multi-Platform Content

A multi-platform website enables a publisher to create dynamic content on multiple platforms. Some of these platforms might be online streaming through a membership library of training videos, or it could be a web magazine—formatted for, and read on the web.

But multi-platform website doesn’t just refer to the number of ways you recycle content across text, video, graphics and other mediums. It also means your website is responsive and will show visitors these different types of media, no matter what device they use: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, phablet, whatever you’ve got. More thoughts on responsive design.

Remonsy’s Mequoda System and Dream Team

One of Mequoda’s websites is the Remonsy ETF Network, whose name is a portmanteau for Retirement Money System. Remonsy’s founder and investment guru Tom Vaughan started his first money management firm at the age of 23. Over the past 26 years, Vaughan has created over 6,000 financial plans, managing over $200 million in assets.

He decided to launch Remonsy ETF Network to help do-it-yourself investors understand exchange-traded funds (ETFs) better.

How Web Maintenance Will Improve the Results of Your Publishing System

Over the past few months, we’ve been strongly encouraging our clients upgrade their Haven Nexus Systems.

Haven Nexus CXMS is a state-of-the-art SaaS tool built, owned and maintained by Mequoda to enable all the functionality that multiplatform publishing businesses need to be successful and profitable. Our operating environment includes a state-of-the-art LAMP data center and is built on an open source core and is compatible with WordPress plugins.

3 Huge Digital Publishing Mistakes Legacy Publishers Make

With regularity, we have no trouble shouting the benefits of digital publishing from the rooftops. You can save money by recyling content, you can boost profits bycreating content on multiple platforms, you can serve your customers on their favorite devices with digital magazines. Rarely do we talk about what goes wrong in digital publishing.

With each new Mequoda System I agree to guide, I ask myself about the odds for success. I am old enough to know now that their success does not revolve around me. After all, I have worked on many successes and many failures. Other circumstances and behaviors will overwhelm my contribution to the enterprise. So why do some digital publishing teams succeed and why do others fail? I think about this a lot.

6 Daily and Weekly Email Templates That Increase CTR and RPM

Increase clicks and revenue by testing out these six different email templates
One feature of using a publishing and marketing system like the Mequoda System is that you get access to templates that can help you develop your business based on best practices. For us, these best practices are a composite of the 110+ different Mequoda

Three Subscription Website Best Practices from the May 2014 Mequoda Intensive

At Mequoda, we maintain the publishing industry’s most comprehensive database of website design best practices. These best practices are continually evolving and guide publishers to design and manage high-performance websites that deliver on three primary goals: using free content to attract, engage and retain users; selling and delivering premium content that generates revenue; and building online communities that dominate their target markets.

Three Ways to Blog a Bestseller

The art of audience development blogging requires great service journalism wrapped around a best-selling product

While audience development blogging can take many formats, I teach my clients three basic templates to begin a new blogging program. A typical blog calendar might go for as little as four weeks to as many as 26 weeks. It might involve just a handful of best-selling products, or as many as 50. The process of developing an audience development master calendar always starts with identifying the organization’s bestsellers, or potential bestsellers. Most of my clients are selling information products: magazines, newsletters, website, videos, books, event and dozens of other lesser used formats. Some are selling other people’s products: travel, investing, and even consumer-packaged goods. Content marketing, the art of using content to sell products and services, can be used effectively to sell anything from Pampers to jet planes.

An IT Department for Publishers Lacking One

Not all digital publishers have the opportunity to staff their own IT department. This is especially true for very niche publishers operating with a small internal staff.

However, to succeed in the digital magazine publishing world, frequent updates to your website are needed. And if it isn’t major changes to layout or ecommerce, it’s typically the daily task of testing to make sure your most important pages are operating to their highest potential. Testing changes and current settings is instrumental in avoiding bugs that can cause a site downtime.

Integrate Facebook Into Your Blog with Simple Facebook Connect

What’s one way to make it perfectly effortless for the social-savvy users of the universe to comment on your blog? By making it Facebook-friendly of course! All cheesiness aside, this is just one strategy that news websites are beginning to use to jump on the social bandwagon, if it’s even considered a bandwagon anymore.

There are several plugins for WordPress out there that allow people to comment on your blog using their Facebook profile, but not all of them are entirely beneficial to the business who’s publishing the content.

Custom Programming Offered for Unique Online Businesses

Combine best practices with unique ideas to get to market quicker

Although all Mequoda Systems operate under the four open content standards (Content driven, Google-friendly, Subscriber centric, many platforms), each publisher is different. We understand this, embrace it, and provide custom programming to meet the needs of each Mequoda Gold Member client.

Even while utilizing the advantages of Framework1, which helps our architects develop comprehensive systems in a fraction of the standard amount of time, it’s expected that some level of custom programming is required by Mequoda System Publishers.

Akismet Helps Keep Spam Off Your Blog

This featured WordPress plug-in will help reduce the amount of spam on your website

As the Askimet website asks, “Are you tired of comment spam?” If you are, and you run a WordPress blog, then the Akismet plug-in may be your answer.

This WordPress plug-in checks your comments against Akismet web service to see if they appear to be spam. It also allows you to review potential spam that is caught under your blog’s comment section.

Featured WordPress Plug-in: WordPress SEO

From HeadSpace2 to WP SEO, plug-ins effectively handle optimization

The WordPress SEO Plug-in is new the to Mequoda arsenal. HeadSpace2 was the original plug-in we used for SEO purposes, but are starting to make the switch to WP SEO plug-in, due to its ability to specify the primary, canonical reference.

Mike Ramsey, webmaster at The Successful Investor, originally suggested with plug-in and it’s been installed on the TSI website. Currently, they are the only Mequoda System using it. All new Mequoda Systems we launch will have it installed and all sites already launched will get switched over in the future.

Mequoda Text Include Manager

Since automation has become a key component of Mequoda Systems, our developers have created a special WordPress Plug-in that helps in automating the inclusion of inline text ads. We call this plug-in the Mequoda Text Include Manager and only offer it to our Mequoda Gold Members as an exclusive piece of software to help build efficiency for their team.

All Mequoda Systems incorporate inline text ads in their posts, which point readers to an aligned free downloadable product.
Since automation has become a key component of Mequoda Systems, our developers have created a special WordPress Plug-in that helps in automating the inclusion of inline text ads. We call this plug-in the Mequoda Text Include Manager and only offer it to our Mequoda Gold Members as an exclusive piece of software to help build efficiency for their team.

New Seminar Explores Four Key Customer Relationships

Communicate to the right audience segment with the best possible message

Internet marketers are becoming more experienced at segmenting their customer database.

By targeting buyers and prospects separately with unique messaging, sales and revenues will increase. It only makes sense that someone who has already purchased from you should be communicated to in a different manner than someone new to your brand that hasn’t yet bought your products.

I’ve seen a very successful start at audience segmentation with Interweave’s customer database, as it’s gotten into the millions of relationships.

Bigger-Picture Strategy Shared at Mequoda Summit

In this brief video from our Mequoda Summit East 2010, you will get a taste of the informative commentary shared throughout our sessions

While digging through some of our video content, I came across this clip from the Mequoda Summit East 2010.

The specific session was Building Email Circulation: 41 Sources You Could be Using to Increase Website Traffic and Attract Email Subscribers. This brief clip captures Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, giving an introduction to the 41 sources for building email circulation.

Week in Review: August 8th, 2011 – August 12th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Audience Development and Revenue Generation Discussed at Mequoda Summits

Discover the balance to properly run your online business

We take pride in the balance that is found at each Mequoda Summit.

There are a variety of sessions dedicated to audience development strategies, which all Mequoda Systems share.

Other sessions focus on different types of monetization methods as virtually every publisher has his or her own unique spin on revenue generation.

Mequoda System Metrics

All Mequoda Systems share audience development components but have different methods of generating revenue

I always find it interesting to watch, listen to and facilitate the interaction between different publishers who are new to Mequoda Summits.

One thing that often happens when talking about Mequoda Systems is that they assume it’s a single business model. Although there are thousands of publishers running systems that utilize the open community standards of a Mequoda System, those new to the system typically have a misconception that all Mequoda Systems are generating revenue the same way.

The Mequoda System’s Core Values

Why our Open Content Standards are so unique

We are currently in the middle of researching for our second Mequoda Open Content Standards adoption study. Unsurprisingly, publishers using an open content business model as their primary audience development strategy are dominant within the top 1,000 websites.

Where it was controversial 10 years ago and still in question five years ago, it is now clear that an open content model is utilized by 80-90% of content-driven websites in top 1,000 with SEO, SMO and link building as their primary ways to drive traffic.

How to Find the Most Success with a Mequoda System

The key element to our most successful Gold Member Systems

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed my thoughts on David Meerman Scott’s intriguing suggestion about offering free downloadables without required registration.

Most online publishers who believe a database for future marketing purposes is an integral key to revenue generation would surely consider his open-gate method provocative.

Real-time Marketing: One Tragic Flaw

All online businesses need to track metrics, and pay attention to the numbers that equal successful revenue generation

At the recent SIPA 2011 event in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity to sit in on David Meerman Scott’s keynote entitled “Real-Time Marketing and PR – Why Journalists and Marketers Should Care.”

This session focused on the concept of real-time marketing, which is essentially the process of responding to relevant industry news as it breaks. The idea relies on using blogs and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to provide a publishing platform to participate in real-time marketing.

How Keyword Research Drives Online Publishing

Three effective uses of keyword research include audience development, website taxonomy and article tagging

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed the impact that Mequoda System publishers have experienced from Google’s Panda update.

All of the Mequoda Systems we’ve analyzed thus far have seen an increase in the overall number of Google listings for their keywords by at least 15%.

Should You Attend a Mequoda Summit?

Discover the types of attendees that can be found at our Mequoda Summits

Yesterday in the Mequoda Daily, we talked about who Mequoda System publishers are and the four core values we all follow.

Today I want to talk about the nature of the Mequoda Summit and who comes to these biannual events.

The Best 4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Have Failed

If you aren’t experiencing success with content marketing, it may be due to these reasons

Content marketing is starting to become an illustrious method for showing audiences who you are and what you’re business is all about.

Some individuals just starting out in the realm of content marketing don’t fully realize how to do it effectively.

Week in Review: October 25th, 2010 – October 29th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Why Mequoda Systems Succeed: Embracing (and Bracing for) the New Prototype

The first step required to accomplish anything new is believing that it is possible

We now have 44 Mequoda Systems up and running for magazine and newsletter publishers and, happily, most are growing steadily in both subscribers and revenue.

Sadly, when a new Mequoda System doesn’t break even or show a profit within 90 days, some publishers want to quit and invest in other marketing programs, expecting a more rapid return on investment. But that’s a mistake, because almost all Mequoda Systems take from six to 18 months to really hit their stride.

The New Mequoda Media Pyramid for Publishers

A more encompassing media pyramid adds delivery platforms and requires additional product development.

As we review our product portfolios and media strategies for the 44 benchmark Mequoda Systems we regularly follow, it’s clear that the publishing industry is in the throes of another paradigm shift.

The media pyramid enables us to identify, build and manage a Mequoda System. Building a media pyramid is a fundamental strategy for modern publishers.

Would You Like a Taste of the Mequoda Summit?

Our new Digital Media Podcast provides an example of the Mequoda Summit experience

Download our Mequoda Summit Digital Media Podcast: A Dozen Minutes from the Mequoda Summit 2006 now

It’s the time of year again to prepare for our upcoming Mequoda Summit Boston 2010. For the second Summit of 2010, we have pulled out all the stops to create an unprecedented experience for our attendees.

We’ve brought together four influential members of the publishing and online content industry to share their insightful stories of success. These keynote speakers will be offering case studies and first-hand advice.

Mequoda Content Marketing System Key Characteristics

Four building blocks that make up our content marketing system

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