12 Audience Development Tips

These audience development tips will help you attract, obtain and convert casual visitors to your website

There are plenty of ways of executing audience development efforts in the digital landscape. Today we are going to discuss a few of them.

For organic audience development we suggest utilizing search engine optimization, SEO copywriting and the distribution of SEO press releases. These audience development methods will help you target audience members through search engines by utilizing keywords relevant to their interests.

Audience Development through Search Engine Optimization (off page SEO)

Audience Development tip #1:Title lengths – Keep your titles between 20 characters and 66 characters in length. If your titles are too short, they won’t be informative enough. If they are too long, search engines will truncate them. Include your main keywords early in titles to assure they are picked up by Google.
Audience Development tip #2: Meta description Including keywords and describing your content in your meta description will help audience members decide if they want to visit your page of not.
-Audience Development tip #3: Meta title – Adding keywords into your meta title will help Google recognize the keywords your deem important.
Audience Development through SEO copywriting (on page SEO)

-Audience Development tip #4: Use the Google Keyword Tool – The Google Keyword Tool (GKT) will help you target your audience better by providing data on how often your keyword phrases are searched each month. The GKT will show you keywords that are similar to the ones you’ve entered into the tool. This may lead to finding new terms you didn’t even realize your audience was looking for.

-Audience Development tip #5: Discover your competition – Search your keyword phrases in Google with quotation marks around them. The results will provide you with the precise number of competing pages. You should then take the annual search volume (which you determined in tip #1), and divide it by the number of competing pages. This will yield your Keyword Competitive Index (KCI).

-Audience Development Tip #6: Use keywords appropriately – For best results, keyword phrases should be used within the headline, subhead, body copy and metadata of your article. An ideal keyword density is around 3.0.

More SEO copywriting tips can be found in our free SEO Copywriting Handbook.

Audience Development through SEO press release distribution

-Audience Development tip #7: Make the press release newsworthy – The job of a press release is to inform; do not make them too promotional in nature. Allow the content to express the value of your product, service or event without coming off as a sales pitch.

Audience Development tip #8: Target keywords in your press release – If you create a newsworthy press release and have a keyword density of around 3.0 or better, you have a good chance of getting included in Google’s News section after you distribute the release.

Audience Development tip #9: Use free press release distribution sites – What’s better than spreading the word about your products for free? Give an array of press release distribution sites a try, and decide which is best for your content. Although, my personal favorite press release distribution site is PrLog.org.

More SEO press release guidelines tips can be found in our free SEO Press Release Guidelines.

After targeting your audience with keyword-rich content, you have the job of keeping their attention with the look and feel of your landing pages. Beyond that, your landing page templates should be designed not only for aesthetics, but also to convert casual visitors into registered members.

Audience Development through landing page templates

Audience Development tip #10: Write better landing page headlines and tell a better story – If landing page templates are boring, you will have a hard time keeping visitors on your page, and convincing them to come back in the future. Use your words to paint a familiar scenario that relates to your core audience.

Audience Development tip #11: Collect email addresses – After setting up conversion architecture on your website, you need to make an offer your audience cannot refuse. A free book, newsletter or other media item is a great way to entice sign-up in exchange for a valid email address.

Audience Development #12: Use testimonials to gain credibility – Show your visitors how much people like your content. Testimonials will help develop the amount of credibility you need to secure new sales.

For more information on developing better landing page templates, including two customizable landing page templates, download our free report Million Dollar Landing Page Templates.


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