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A collection of free reports that will help your audience development efforts

How quickly is your audience growing?

Have you been ramping up your audience development efforts at all?

Earlier this week I wrote an article discussing a major rule of content marketing that shouldn’t be broken. This rule is to always provide quality content and never mislead your audience by providing poor content disguised as advertisements for your products.

Presenting misleading and poor quality content has been referred to as spamducation, where you’re basically spamming potential audience members by inadequately educating them on topics of interest.

The real problem with providing poor or misleading information is that it won’t help your company in any way. Your reputation will not improve and you won’t garner new paying customers. Let’s face it, content consumers are savvier than most customers…and now that content marketing is the norm within the content industry, potential audience members will not blindly spend or fall victim to the consumption of poor content.

Personally, I’m thankful for it. The expectation of high-quality content forces all content producers and publishers to stay at the top of their game. This action will help create an online community of the highest caliber content.

If you want examples of high quality content that provides information on topics relevant to online publishing and content marketing, download one, or all, of these free reports.

Free reports filled with educational content

Content Marketing Strategy 2011 – The seven principles of a successful content marketing strategy have taken over the online content industry. If you are a content publisher or producer and aren’t familiar with this strategy, you need to start adopting now.

The SEO Copywriting Handbook – As Don Nicholas has stated before, the future belongs to copywriters trained in SEO. In this free report you will discover tips for SEO copywriting that will lead to stronger SEO campaigns and higher page ranks in Google.

Million Dollar Landing Page Templates – Discover best practices that all the most successful landing pages have in common. In addition to a list of best practice guidelines and case studies, you will receive two free downloadable land page templates that can be customized for your website.

Building Subscription Websites – Subscription websites are increasingly valuable in today’s digital landscape as mobile devices and tablet sales soar. Discover nine subscription website models that can help you design the subscription website right for your content.

The 17 Best Email Subject Lines – The email subject line types detailed in this free report have been proven to boost average email open rates by 50 percent or more. Due to this increase in open rate, the overall value of your email campaigns will increase as well.

These five free reports are filled with high quality content that our readers have told us they’ve enjoyed. If you don’t have these free reports already, take a minute and download them now. They will all help in developing a stronger online business.

Are you already familiar with these free reports? We’d love to hear your thoughts on each on them in their respective comments section.


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