15 Digital Revenue Ideas for Target-Interest Magazine Publishers

How to generate more revenue as a target-interest magazine publisher

Our friend Carl Landau run the Niche Digital Conference. The conference is about generating more online and mobile revenue for niche magazines. Carl shared with us a list of 15 digital revenue ideas for target-interest magazine publishers from last year’s conference:

1. Create new content for your website, not just regurgitated material from your print magazine. This gives people a reason to constantly return to your website, thus creating more traffic for online advertisements.

2. Use the full capabilities of your digital editions: add outtakes or additional content, press advertisers for videos or other digital content, and make your digital edition different from your print to capture more of BOTH audiences.

3. Make a content calendar for your website (editorial calendar on steroids) that contains everything from blogs to video. Strategically plan your online content while taking into account what has been successful in the past.

4. Your email list is a key asset in marketing, so you need to keep it updated and fresh. Grow your list by offering something in return for email addresses: premium content, e-newsletter subscriptions, user accounts for contents & polls, products or discounts, etc. Go through all email address of people who have not opened any effort in 6 months and remove them.

5. Use PPC (pay per click) online ads to give marketers their money’s worth in ROI. Charging a flat rate for each lead will give marketers peace of mind when deciding to advertise.

6. Find out what device your audience is using and target them directly. iPad? Blackberry? Make content design-friendly with the device your audience is predominantly using.

7. Engage your online audience with interactive content. Contests, polls, forums and video can create a dialogue with your audience. This gives you a deeper understanding of your audience and gives your audience the feeling that they are part of a community.

8. Use blog/content titles that will get social shares. Even though you can think of a great, edgy title for your article, it may not help drive traffic to your site. Create your headlines specifically to drive more traffic to your website and social media feed.

9. Try Podcasts! They are easy to make, don’t take special equipment, and give you one more touch point with your audience and advertisers.

10. Use pop-ups for e-newsletter sign ups. Everyone can agree that pop-up ads can be annoying, but they are also effective. Your goal is to get more traffic and e-newsletter subscriptions. Don’t be afraid that you might offend your audience with one pop-up.

11. Become an information resource with a blog. Make sure your blog has a point of view – don’t be afraid to have opinions! Make it exciting so people will want to read it. Invite industry leaders (often your advertisers) to be guest bloggers.

12. Make video clips of advertisers at tradeshows and make them available on your website as expert advice or new products. You can sell this! Make sure to get good interviews. You don’t need expensive equipment to do this!

13. Don’t give away social media! Use sponsored tweets (just put Ad: in front) and sponsored Facebook “new product” tabs as part of your ad packages!

14. Segment digital content by audience. One extended education or training piece can be broken down into different segments based on the audience. With one 60-minute lecture, you can sell an e-book, DVD, 12 “5 minute tips,” etc.

15. Create a unique incentive plan for your sales team that provides a bonus for selling online. Your margins are better in web, so pay a better commission. Or, structure a better plan for banners sold. Out of cash?  Give days off or free lunch. Get creative.


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