3 New Advancements in Digital Publishing

Digital magazine publishing help comes from new devices and more publications

We can see the evolution of digital publishing when new products form and significant players enter the marketplace. It brings a new life to the environment around us, and almost provides a sense of security as we realize others are committing to making digital work for their audiences.

Time Inc. offers digital subscriptions to all

The first major step recently announced comes from Time Inc., which is now offering digital subscriptions to 20 consumer magazines via Apple’s App Store in Newsstand. Previously the company was only offering single copies for iPad. This isn’t truly the first foray into digital subscriptions for Time, as their print subscribers have been eligible for digital subscription access. Now, however, it’s available to anyone.

Microsoft becomes a tablet player

Microsoft’s success cannot be denied in the technology world. As CNN points out, Microsoft has had, “one of the world’s most successful business strategies over the past three decades.”

The company hopes to continues its success by entering the tablet market with Surface, a 10.6 inch tablet PC that will run an unreleased Windows operating system called Windows 8.

One key element that may help Surface stand apart from competitors is its innovative cover doubling as a keyboard and a kickstand. This will help both consumer and enterprise editions play a different roll in the marketplace. Besides the addition of the keyboard, Surface will have similar tablet features, like the touch screen interface.

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Even prior to the announcement of Surface, Gartner had predicted that Microsoft will have a bigger market share by the end of 2012 and beyond. Perhaps this announcement will play a bigger roll in added success for Microsoft.

New York Post’s paywall goes down

Some digital publishers are carefully considering web strategy. One year ago, the Post initially put up its paywall. Now, they are rolling it back and offering the chance to browse the site for free.

As mentioned last month in MediaPost, tablets are on pace to exceed the website traffic of smartphones by early 2013. Website traffic should remain a priority for digital publishers, since it’s typically the first step in more extensive relationships. Without traffic, how can visitors become subscribing users and paying customers?

That last stat reminds me…a tablet strategy is entirely your option, but having content available in a user-friendly manner for mobile users should be a priority. Between smartphones and tablets, the mobile Internet’s accessibility and popularity has grown. Not only has the digital revolution struck the industry, the mobile revolution quickly followed.

Do you see these three news stories as positive steps benefitting the entire digital publishing industry? We do because it brings new opportunities and more mainstream coverage during this pivotal time in history.

Please share your thoughts and feel free to agree or disagree with our opinions.

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    The keyboard option clearly gives users a choice that Apple has discouraged.

    And anything that puts more tablet computers in the hands of users is good for digital publishers.

      Chris S.

      I agree Don. It will be interesting to see how consumers will take to the keyboard option.


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