3 Possible Changes Spurred by Tablet Publishing

Tablet usage and functionality may lead to changes, dictating how and when digital publishing distribute content

Tablets, and the iPad in particular, have become the digital edition of the daily news. More tablet owners are using their devices while relaxing at home in the evening after 5 pm. Typically, throughout the years we’ve seen this time of the evening to be when news is consumed through newspapers and television. Now the iPad is turning into the popular device to use.

Some interesting data has come from the 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey recently. Out of all the survey respondents, 40% consumed media on large tablets, primarily iPads. Here are some of the key insights most relevant to digital publishers:

-More than half of mobile news consumers who reported using media tablets most frequently said they also subscribe to printed newspapers and news magazines.

-Those who reported using tablets most frequently for consuming news are also much more likely to subscribe to digital news products than those who use their smartphones most frequently for news.

-60 percent of tablet owners favor the tablet media experience over reading printed newspapers.

-63 percent of tablet owners favor watching television news on their tablet than watching it on a television set.

-73 percent of tablet owners prefer listening to radio on their tablets than listening to a radio set.

-The owners of tablets who favor the device for consuming news were typically between the ages of 35 and 54.

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Currently, smartphones are the most popular mobile device, owned by 92% of the respondents of this survey. However, it seems that tablets are more favorable for media consumption than smartphones and the owners of tablets are more likely to buy digital subscriptions and news apps.

Will tablet growth spur publishing changes?

Tablet usage is high after 5 pm. Will more publishers start to take advantage of this knowledge in the future, especially if their own data shows that their audience is active on tablets?

One possible change brought on by the use of tablet usage is the publishing of content – newsletter or daily editions – later in the evening (post 5 pm).

Two other possibilities take into account the high level of satisfaction with consuming video and audio news via tablets. Digital magazine publishers who create audio podcasts and video content may consider starting promotional campaigns after 5 pm, specifically aimed at tablet users. The content will be ideal for tablet consumption, and any aligned digital product sales of subscriptions would have a better chance of getting purchased.

For more information from the 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey, including comparisons between smartphone and tablet use, take a look at the findings now.

If your audience is comprised of a significant amount of tablet users, would you consider publishing specific content in the evenings? Please add your thoughts to the comments below.

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    Interesting that it is rumored that News Corp’s “The Daily” may be closed down soon … wonder how that jibes with the info above?


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