10 Ways to Leverage your Magazine and Newsletter Content

Your magazine and newsletter content is incredibly valuable.

There are, in fact, 10 well-documented content business models that can be used to build and grow your audience, revenue, and profitability. When used together, they form an incredibly efficient, fully integrated multiplatform publishing and marketing system that can be used to dominate virtually any content niche from archaeology to zoology including niches in health, investing, travel, food, sports, hobbies, and business.

Over the past two decades, my team and I have used this system to transform more than 300 magazine and newsletter brands into niche media empires that dominate their marketplace.

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The 10 content business models I mentioned above split evenly into sponsor-driven models and user-driven models when classified by the type of revenue they generate. In fact, two of the 10 often generate revenue from both sponsors and users creating what we call a hybrid revenue generation system.

Let me take a moment to list the 10 business models we use to build highly profitable multiplatform publishing and marketing systems based on legacy magazine and newsletter media brands:

The 4 Sponsor-Driven Content Business Models

  •    Portal Content Business Model
  •    Freebie Content Business Model
  •    Directory Content Business Model
  •    Calendar Content Business Model

The 6 User-Driven Content Business Models

  •     Magazine Content Business Model
  •     Newsletter Content Business Model
  •     Bookstore Content Business Model
  •     Course Content Business Model
  •     Club Content Business Model
  •     Event Content Business Model

The secret to maximizing your audience, revenue, and profitability in a multiplatform publishing world is efficiency.

My team and I have spent the last 20 years planning, building, documenting, and perfecting a multiplatform media management system that we now call The Mequoda System. Our management system is divided into three phases: planning, development and optimization.

In phase 1, we partner with you and your management team to create a highly detailed roadmap for transforming your legacy business into a rapidly growing, highly efficient, multiplatform publishing and marketing machine that leverages the content business models I mentioned above. In just 60 days, your team and ours will create a plan to maximize the value of your content, audience, and niche media brands based on our well-proven system.

Let me describe the process and the deliverables you can expect.

Schedule a 30-minute call to ask your most pressing questions

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