Print and Digital Bundle Revenues Skyrocket 108%



The Newspaper Association of America reports that circulation revenues are up 3.7% to $10.87 billion, which might surprise you.

But these aren’t your father’s circulation revenues we’re talking about; rather, the figure is based on 2013 circulation as a whole. In other words, the revenue includes streams from print and from digital. And with print circulation down 20%, you can do the math on which stream is carrying the heavier load.

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That’s right: Digital subscription revenue jumped 47%, and print-and-digital bundles skyrocketed 108%, according to This is more great news and another strong indicator for digital magazine publishers.

Meanwhile, though the lion’s share of newspaper ad revenues still come from print, digital is on the upswing, to say the least.

“Digital advertising specifically increased 1.5% to $3.42 billion and accounted for 19% of advertising revenue, while pure-play (digital only) advertising rose 14%,” says. “Mobile advertising revenue – while still less than 1% of overall total revenue – jumped 77%.”

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