National Geographic Merges Print and Digital Content

National Geographic Merges Print and Digital Content

National Geographic has merged all their content in an attempt to “increase publication frequency.” The move was sparked by the fact that Nat Geo has created stories across all platforms (print, digital, video) that it became quintessential to have everything under the same leadership.

Chris Johns has been named Executive Vice President and Editorial Group Director, while still remaining Editor in Chief – a role he’s had since 2005. In addition, Matt Mansfield will take over as the Executive Editor of Digital Content, Keith Jenkins as the Director of Photography and Mike Schmidt as the Multimedia Director.

Kayla Webley Moves from Time to Marie Claire

Webley makes the move to Marie Claire to become a senior editor. She was previously at Time where she worked as a writer and reporter. Courtey Weinblatt returns as the marketing director at Marie Claire after taking a couple years off to work at

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Home Improvement Magazine Market Red Hot

Because of the current improving housing market, interior design magazines are selling more ad space and more magazines. Advertising Age says this month’s issues have sold almost 9 percent more than last year.

There has been a direct correlation between the housing market and a boom in housing design magazines —  the housing magazines are loving it.

Jebediah Reed to

Reed makes the move from The Daily to presume the role of deputy editor at New York Magazine has a variety of blogs including The Cut, Daily Intel, Grub Street, The Sports Section and Vulture. Since 2008, they have really stepped up their online digital performance.

Cooking Light Promotes Lee Cordobés

Cooking Light – an American food and lifestyle monthly magazine based in Alabama has promoted Lee Cordobés from integrated director to an associate editor.


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