Strategy Spotlight with Don: 4 Strategies Every Publisher Should Know

“Print is dead.” “Long Live Print.” “Digital Will Save Publishing.” “Publishing Can’t Be Saved.”

If you took headlines for fact, you’d never know how to respond to the contradictory “news” you hear that seems to change every time you open a newspaper or a new tab on your computer.

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda explains how some niche publishers are leading the pack when it comes to adjusting to digital business models.

Quick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don

nl-donNo matter how small or large a publisher is, they can survive the ebbs and flows of the new publishing economy by knowing how to do four things:

  • Attract
  • Capture
  • Engage
  • Monetize

All four are stand-alone strategies that must all be completely interlocked. You might think that you want more subscribers, but monetization doesn’t come first in the list, it comes last.

First, you need to increase the volume of traffic to your website from the types of people who are most likely to subscribe.

Then, you need an email subscriber base, so you have to capture those qualified website visitors as email subscribers with a free download of some kind.

Then you spend time getting to know them, and proving that your free content is great, so it’s worth investing in your premium content.

Finally, you need a multiplatform magazine, so that you can more effectively convert email subscribers into a magazine subscribers on the platform(s) of their choosing.

Subscription marketing is entering a new golden age. The trouble is, with so many new sources of digital revenue, niche publishers can’t always keep up on their own.

Legacy sources like direct mail and brick and mortar newsstands continue to decline, but no one is ready to declare them dead yet. And all these exciting new Internet and digital sources can more than make up the difference for those declining sources … but only for publishers who know how to use them.

There are niche publishers, just like you, who have already learned how to implement the strategies above. They’re generating more revenue than you, and may even be your competitors. If you’d like to learn more techniques for improving subscription and digital product sales, and discover the results that others have already enjoyed, you must attend the Digital Revenue Summit in 2017.

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The Digital Revenue Summit strategies you will learn and leverage

Each session of the Digital Revenue Summit is suitable for use with either B2C or B2B audiences, and delivers multiple tested, proven techniques for improving your revenues. Choose one or choose them all – each one will dramatically increase your revenue, by at least 20%.

No matter who your audience is, you’ll find dozens of different strategies that will dramatically energize your revenue generation efforts.

Don’t wait. Read through the agenda. Read the testimonials from your fellow publishers. Check your calendar. When you’re through, I’m confident you’ll be ready to register.

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