Mequoda System Habit #6: Implement a Mequoda Marketing System

The way in which a publisher prioritizes sources that drive traffic is a major differentiation of the Mequoda System vs. traditional publishing models.

Traditionally, magazine or newsletter publishers have generated 95 percent of their publication’s revenue by spending money on paid media. While paid media sources certainly may remain a viable part of an integrated media empire’s promotional mix, no equivalent paradigm exists in print publishing for online brand-building methods that successfully drive traffic, such as distributing free media, using search engines and link-building.


The use of free media to drive online traffic, then, is the distinguishing element—and represents the power—of the Mequoda Marketing System. We have isolated eight free and six paid examples of external media sources that can effectively drive traffic to the media empire’s Mequoda Internet Hub and Network, along with six database-marketing channels that marketers can use to bring home the bacon.


This article was written by Don Nicholas with the help of Jane E. Zarem. It is just one part in a series on the Mequoda System. See below for the rest of this series:

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