News Flash, Magazines Are Not Failing!

In a recent article over on by Mary Berner, she states that Becky Lang is dead wrong about the future of magazines with a multitude of statistics that say the complete opposite. Print magazines audiences are up by 1.3 percent and tablet magazine audiences are up by a whopping 47.5 percent. She says that 50 percent of readers ages 18 to 34 are following some sort of writer, whether it be a specific brand or writer/editor on Twitter.

She stressed the fact that people read magazines because they like the “voice” that is behind the writing. With all the options out there, most people can find something they enjoy and can relate to. The sense of a magazine “community” is what brings readers back.

Publishers Using More Responsive Ads

Due to the large increase in mobile users over recent years, advertisers are desperately trying to find ways to adapt. The answer – responsive ads. The idea is that ads will adapt and will be the same on all formats – mobile, tablet and desktops.

The main problem is mobile and tablet screens are smaller so the ads don’t have the same effect they do on a desktop. Given the fact that more and more people are accessing the internet on mobile devices (about 5 percent more a month), something needs to change because revenues are not matching up. Mobile devices are currently pulling in around 20 percent less revenue when compares to desktops. Read more on Digiday.


Online Media Awards

The Drum has announced the winners to the Online Media Awards – recognizing the worlds best online news and journalism over the past year. Some notables are posted below with the full list here

  • Digital Writer of the Year – Dave Gilbert, Tech Editor at International Business Times UK
  • Best Freelance Writer – Tom Kermeliotis, CNN
  • Best App’s – The Economist & Sky News
  • Best Specialist Site for Journalism – Emap for Nursing Times
  • Best National/World Site – The New York Times, Financial Times
  • Best Use of Social Media – Channel 4 News/ITN

Washington Post Introduces a New Feature

“Sponsored Views” is a new feature being introduced allowing companies and organizations to post responses to articles that would be featured directly in/under the article. These so called “sponsored views” will have a 600 word max. Of course, they are not free, but they will give companies a chance to share their own views and opinions in a more public format.

In other Washington Post news, they will be introducing a monthly subscription offer to boost revenues. For $9.99 a month, users will have access to 20 articles from the WaPo, and can purchase an extra package that will allow access to custom apps for $14.99.

Isaac Peachin Joins Penton

Penton Media is a business-to-business media company, originally founded in 1892 by John Penton, and that produces 113 magazines, 96 trade shows and 145 websites with over 6 million subscribers. They cover a variety of topics including business, electronics, agriculture, digital media, food and much more.

Issac Peachin  joins Penton Media to become a content products director, coming from Amazon where he served as a senior product marketing manager.






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