Research Confirms People Consume Print + Digital at the Same Pace

Digital publishing news for August 14, 2013

Campaign has the details on a new study released by Conde Nast comparing the dwell times – the time someone spends with content – between print and digital content.

Arif Durrani from Campaign writes, “The Condé Nast research, verified by YouGov, concludes that whether people consume magazines in print or in digital, both mediums register similarly high dwell times. Additionally, print and digital magazines were found to be read in a very similar way – eg, front to back – irrespective of format.”

Here is an example of reader dwell times for Vanity Fair: 169 minutes were spent on the print editions, 154 minutes were spent on the digital editions and 188 minutes for both print and digital. Does this put to rest the notion that people read print and digital editions differently?

The Atlantic Launches Three New Video Series

Mashable reports on The Atlantic‘s new aggressive push into video with their launch of three new original video series. The Atlantic is using its writers as personalities for the video series. This a cost-effective method since the talent is already a part of the team.

Lauren Indvik reports, “Traditional print and web-native organizations are finding ways to produce and distribute high-quality video with far less resources than the TV guys. The Atlantic’s video department has only four full-time employees who handle all of the production and editing and most of the shooting as well.”

Indvik adds, “For now, distribution is limited to, The Atlantic‘s iOS app and The Atlantic‘sYouTube and Vimeo channels, which launched earlier on Monday. A video channel on The Atlantic‘s iOS app is on the way, a spokesperson for the publication said.”

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New York Times Debuts “The Jockey”

The New York Times has debuted its latest experimental article called “The Jockey”.

Michael Sebastian reports for AdAge, “‘The Jockey,’ The New York Times’ new 10,000-word profile of horse racing legend Russell Baze, will draw comparisons to ‘Snow Fall’ for its immersive web design and multimedia elements. But unlike ‘Snow Fall,’ where awkwardly inserted standard ads disrupted a lavish account of a deadly avalanche, ‘The Jockey’ features custom ad units designed to better fit the new environment.”

The story features narrated video vignettes when the readers reaches certain points on the page, so you may want to throw your headphones on. “The Jockey” features native ads that don’t take you out of the story. Sebastian adds, “As publishers look for new ways to wring advertising dollars from their digital properties, many have embraced native advertising — sponsored or branded content that mimics the site’s own editorial presentation and mission. The Times has avoided going the sponsored-content route, instead focusing its efforts on re-imagining the display ad through the work of its Idea Lab, which translates newsroom innovations into new ad experiences.”

New CFO At Northstar Travel Media

Steve Cohn from minOnline reports that,”Northstar Travel Group CEO Tom Kemp announced the hire of Lisa Cohen as chief financial officer of the Travel Weekly/Successful Meetings/Meeting News-flagshipped b2b publisher.” Cohen was formally the CFO of Remedy Health Media.


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