Time Inc. to go with New “Double-Snap” Advertising

Time has decided to make advertising a little more interactive and creative with a new Double Snap model. The ad would start as a regular Toyota banner at the top, and as you scroll down the ad will “snap” into a larger interactive ad, then as you scroll further, the ad will move out of the way.

This new format is “intended to be eye-catching, but not overbearing,” reports AdWeek. It always leaves the user with access to the content but its also meant to be “impossible to miss.”

AARP Hires Bob Love

In his time as managing editor at Rolling Stone from 1998-2002, Love led the company to two national magazine awards. He was also the executive editor at Best Life from 2006-2009, the national fairs editor at Readers Digest from 2010-2011 and an executive editor at The Week from 2011-2013. He will be in charge of overseeing all editorial content creation and will be managing the bimonthly at AARP.

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ShowYou App With a New Way to Monetize Video

ShowYou has created a new way content creators can show off video. Instead of posting new videos and having people individually scroll through and pick videos that look interesting, “everything you create is now part of a channel that ShowYou users can sit back and enjoy like a television network,” says TabTimes. A new twist that is different when compared to current YouTube and Vimeo models.

BlackBook Magazine Sold Back to Founder

American arts and culture magazine BlackBook has been sold back to its original founder, Evanly Schindler. Schindler originally founded the company back in 1996. Another free digital magazine available on Apple Newsstand.

Garden & Gun Launches First Digital Magazine Edition

A magazine about sports culture, art, music, travel and food launched its first free digital magazine on May 22. Its a digital media magazine that is packed with free interactive content and bonus features. Get it free while you can because future issues will be priced $5.99!


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