Upworthy to Offer Tasteful Native Advertising

The headline writing darlings of the Internet, Upworthy have announced their new native advertising programs. Let’s just say you won’t be seeing any expandable banners or homepage takeovers.

Victor Luckerson from Time writes, “Today Upworthy announced a new native advertising partnership program that will allow businesses to pay for sponsored posts on Upworthy or commission the viral experts themselves to craft content made to be shared on social media. Like viral competitors such as Buzzfeed, Upworthy is eschewing traditional banner ads in favor of paid ads that looks much like editorial content.”

Unilever is signed up as the first sponsor. Upworthy is also offering its content creation services for brands that are looking for something extra special. “You will see tasteful sponsorships, clearly disclosed promotional content, and excellent curation around topics that both the brand and Upworthy believe in deeply,” said the company in a blog post.


They won’t accept every advertiser, either. Upworthy wants to align their do-good brand with do-good advertisers. “We’re looking for organizations interested in drawing attention to ideas that are truly important to society — that’s always our first and most important question.”

Luckerson adds,”The news site boasted 12.3 million U.S. unique viewers in on desktop and mobile devices in February, according to ComScore data reported by Ad Age. The company says it reaches 50 million unique monthly visitors globally and nets about 75,000 Facebook likes for each piece of content it posts.”

To read more about Upworthy, head on over to Time.




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